Customizing keys for devices with multiple users in Zoom

Line keys can be customized if more than one phone user is assigned to the phone. Multiple phone users are supported by certain models.

Note :  Whenever a phone user is assigned to a desk phone, these settings will be used instead of the personal line key settings that are set on their personal phones for that specific device. These settings can be viewed by phone users, but they cannot be changed by them.

Prerequisites for customizing keys for devices with multiple users

  • Accounts for Professionals, Businesses, or Schools
  • Privileges as an account owner or administrator
  • License for Zoom Phone
  • Device provisioned and added to Zoom Phone
  • Multi-user support is available for Zoom Phone devices


  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in.
  2. To manage phones and devices, click Phone System Management in the navigation menu.
  3. To assign multiple phone users to a device, click the device.
  4. Select Keys & Positions.
  5. The top-right corner of the page has an Edit button.
    The following can be viewed or edited:
  • Key: Shared lines can be rearranged in any order. The order can be changed by dragging and dropping a row or using the arrow buttons.
  • Key’s Owner: A phone number or extension can be displayed to display the owner.
  • Line Subscription: Line extension or direct number is displayed.
  • Alias (Optional): For an associated line, enter an alias. Lines can be identified more easily with an alias. A desk phone’s alias is displayed only on its screen and does not affect caller ID.
  • Note : Changing the default alias to a custom one will replace it. A maximum of 32 characters can be used in the alias.
  • Outbound Caller ID: The number for the line’s outbound caller ID is displayed. Line key settings can be changed by the phone user.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple users use the same Zoom account?

When you purchase five Zoom licenses, you will be able to have five licensed users on your account at the same time. A Zoom account can have as many licensed users as you want as well as as many Basic users (free) as you want.

Where is Zoom phone system management?

The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging into the Zoom account. You can find Phone System Management in the navigation menu. Then click Users & Rooms from the drop-down list.

How many users can use Zoom license?

The term Licensed refers to a user who has paid for an account and is able to host unlimited meetings through the Service. A large meeting license can be purchased for an additional fee, if a meeting is to have more than 100 participants, the license can be configured for it. For users that have a license, there are some additional features that are available: Customize the meeting ID for your meetings.

How do I change my device settings in Zoom?

How to change phone or device settings

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in.

  2. Select Phone System Management from the navigation menu, then select Phones & Devices from the drop down menu.

  3. Using the tabs at the top of the page, you can assign or unassign tasks.

  4. To edit a phone or device’s display name, click the display name of the phone or device that you wish to edit. Below you will find a list of things you can view or edit:

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How do I change devices on Zoom meeting?

Using a different device to transfer a meeting or webinar.
Android | iOS

  1. Sign in to the Zoom mobile app using your Zoom username and password.

  2. The upcoming meetings and webinars can be viewed through the Meeting tab on the left.

  3. Using your mobile device, select the Switch icon next to the session listed as In Progress to join that meeting.

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