Managing multiple sites In Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 23rd, 2022

With the use of sites, you can organize your organization’s phone users. It is possible, for example, to create a site for each location of your organization. A few of the advantages of having more than one site include:

  • It is possible to route calls differently for each location, since each site has its own main auto receptionist.
  • It is also possible to manage your extensions better by assigning each site their own caller ID name, phone number, call queue, and desk phones so as to better manage each extension.
  • A site code can be assigned to each site in order to help users differentiate between extensions belonging to the same site, allowing them to dial the same extension easily.
  • Some of the settings, such as business hours, can be customized at the site level instead of having them applied to the whole organization.

Note: When you enable multiple sites, Zoom will automatically create a central site (shown by “Main Site” in the Multiple Sites tab) and move everything to this site. The main auto receptionist of your main site is also going to have your company number which is still there, but it will be applied to the company number of your company.

It is illustrated in the following diagram how a two-site setup would work with the headquarters (headquarters) and a satellite office (secondary office):

Prerequisites for using multiple sites

  • Account type: Business, Education, or Pro
  • Ownership or administrative rights
  • License for Zoom

How to enable multiple sites


Zoom automatically creates a main site that all content will be transferred to as soon as you enable multiple sites (shown as Main Site on the Multiple Sites page). The main auto receptionist of the main site in your organization has still one main company number.

  1. Log in to Zoom’s web portal.
  2. Next, select the Business Information tab under Phone System Management.
  3. Click the Account Settings link.
  4. Click Enable Multiple Sites under the Multiple Sites section.
  5. Select or assign a site code (optional).

How to add a site

It is possible to add sites to your account after enabling multiple sites within your organization in order to organize phone users by site. The overview section provides an example of how this can be done.

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. You can access the company information from the phone system management menu.
  3. On the Add site screen, enter the following information:
    • Display Name:
    • Give the site a name that distinguishes it from others.
    • Site Code (only visible if you enable site codes):
    • Enter the site code.
    • Short Extension (only visible if you have site codes):
    • Indicates how long short extensions should be. When you are prompted to fix the conflicts in existing extensions in the site, these extensions will be too long or short to meet the requirement.
      • Range (Optional):
      • The range of numbers used to identify short extensions.
    • Main Auto Receptionist:
    • If your site does not have an auto receptionist, then you may create one, or you may copy a current auto receptionist. The main receptionist will be in charge of answering inbound calls to the site.
    • Country:
    • Provides the country where the default emergency address of the site can be found. Depending on the country, certain extension numbers are reserved and cannot be used.
    • Default Emergency Address:
    • Enter an existing emergency address or choose an address you haven’t added yet.
    • If you add a phone number or user to the site, this emergency address will automatically be applied.
  4. Just click Save.
  5. Add additional sites by following the steps above.

Changes to site-level settings are made after you add a site.

How to move users, common area phones, auto receptionists, and call queues to another site

If you have created a phone user, common area phone, auto receptionist, or call queue in your account, you are able to create them on another site.

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. You will be able to find the following pages by clicking on Phone System Management:
    • User & Rooms (Users, Zoom Rooms, or the tab for a Common Area)
    • The Auto Receptionist
    • For Queued Calls
  3. Select what you would like to move by clicking the checkbox, and click Move Site at the top of the table once it is selected.
  4. Next, click Confirm to confirm moving the site.

How to disable multiple sites

When you do not want to use multiple sites, then you need to move your users, numbers, and phones to the main site before you begin to turn off multiple sites.

Deleting sites and moving assets to the main site

  1. Log in to the Zoom web portal by clicking on the “Sign in” link.
  2. You will then find links to Phone System Management and Company Info on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select a site whose name does not include the words Main Site at the end.
  4. Click the Delete Site button.
  5. If you want to move all users, numbers, and phones on your site, then you will have to select the main site from the drop-down menu.
  6. Likewise, repeat these steps for every other website that is not the primary website.

Disabling multiple sites

You can turn off multiple sites once you have deleted all of the sites except for the main site.

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. Click Phone System Management under the navigation menu, followed by Company Info.
  3. Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. The toggle for Multiple Sites can be found in the Multiple Sites section.
  5. To disable it, click the Disable button.