Datacenter abbreviation list in Zoom App

Zoom dashboards show data center abbreviations in reports on meetings or webinars. This list can help Zoom administrators understand the abbreviations for any data center listed on a report.

City Code Subdomains Region
San Jose SJ, SC, SX, SJC,,, US
New York NY
Denver DV
Virginia IAD
New Jersey NX
Toronto TR CA
Vancouver VN
Amsterdam AM EU
Frankfurt FR
Hong Kong HK, HKG, ASIA
Singapore SG, SIN,
Narita NRT
Osaka OS
Sydney SY AU
Melbourne ME
Hyderabad HY
Tianjin TJ CHINA
Sao Paulo SP LATAM
Mexico MX
Global Service Backup GSB US
Cloud Cloud Global
Silicon Valley SV US & Gov
New Jersey NJ
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