How Join Zoom meeting without an account – Step by Step Guide

As a participant, you do not need to have a Zoom account in order to join a meeting. When you receive an invitation to attend a meeting, you do not need to create or register for an account in order to attend. The good news is that with a Zoom account, you can easily create and host your own meetings. You can also invite others to participate in your meeting, as well as update your personal settings for maximum benefits from your Zoom virtual meeting experience.

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and problems users encounter when attempting to use Zoom for the first time.

Note : 

By setting up authentication profiles, the host of the meeting can restrict who can join the meeting. This means that all participants need to have a Zoom account in order to be able to join the meeting.


Guest requirements for joining a Zoom video call

  • To join a Zoom meeting, you will need a unique meeting ID that is 9, 10, or 11-digits in length
  • In order for guests to join a meeting, the host must disable authentication profiles or set up authentication exceptions
  • Participants can only join meetings from the web client if only authenticated users are allowed
  • You must enable Show a “Join from your browser” link in the host’s server if enable the link “Join from your browser”


How to use Zoom Account without an account

It is not necessary to sign up for a meeting and join, as a guest, but the easiest way to join a meeting is by clicking the link the host provided you or by entering the meeting ID and passcode directly into Zoom.

Note : 

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It may be possible for you to join the meeting directly from your web browser without having to download Zoom first, depending on the settings of the host. Zoom meeting features can be accessed even if you are not using a web browser by joining meetings from one of them.

Use the link provided

  1. In case you received an email or calendar invitation from the host with the link to the meeting, please click the link.
    There will be a pop-up window on your web browser asking you whether to open or download the application.
  2. If you choose to cancel the request, the application will not be downloaded.
  3. To join using your web browser, click the link at the bottom of the page.
  4. The link to join a Zoom meeting will not appear if the host has not enabled it, and therefore you will need to open the Zoom client or download it in order to be included in the meeting.
  5. On the top-left-hand side of the screen, you will see a pop-up window asking if you want Zoom access to your microphone and camera. Click Allow at the top.
  6. You can set a display name for yourself in the Your Name field.
  7. If you choose (optional), you can have your name remembered for future meetings.
  8. All you have to do is join the meeting.
    As a guest, you will participate in the meeting.

In Zoom, enter the meeting ID and passcode.

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. The meeting ID will be provided by the meeting host/organizer.
  3. Join the meeting.
    The application will open once you join the meeting.
  4. You can choose from the following options:
    • If you already have Zoom installed on your device, launch the meeting.
    • To download Zoom before you participate, simply click Download Now from the pop-up window and click Cancel if you wish to cancel.
    • When you click Cancel, you will then be prompted to click the Join from Your Browser link if you do not wish to install Zoom before you join the meeting.
    •  Zoom does not require you to download anything prior to joining. However, if you connect via your browser, you will have access to limited functionality.
  5. Allow Zoom to access your microphone and camera if prompted.
  6. Type in your display name and click Join.
  7. Check the box to remember your name for future meetings, if desired.
  8. Join the meeting again after entering the meeting passcode if prompted.
    The meeting will be open to guests.
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