What is Zoom Video Conferencing? User Guide

Using Zoom, users can connect with friends, family, and coworkers via video, audio, phone, and chat. Internet access and an approved device are needed to use Zoom. For most users, the first step is to create a Zoom account and install the Zoom Meetings Client. The Zoom platform offers a wide variety of solutions, so other users can choose the option that best fits their needs.

What do I need to use Zoom?

Zoom’s system requirements can be found below for new users.

  • Review the requirements for the Zoom application on desktops and laptops
  • Review the requirements for the Zoom app on mobile devices
  • Review the requirements for the Zoom web client (browser application)
  • Review the requirements for Zoom Rooms and Zoom Workstations

Zoom: a beginner’s guide

How to Join a Zoom meeting

  1. Check your email or calendar for your meeting invitation.
  2. The link to the Zoom meeting will appear there. Most invitations will feature a link to Join Zoom Meeting under the Join link.
  3. Please click Allow if Zoom is requested.

You can also join a meeting using other methods.

How to Start a Zoom meeting

  1. Zoom’s web portal is accessible by clicking Meetings.
  2. Click the Start button when your cursor appears over the entry for your upcoming meeting.
  3. Click Schedule a meeting if there are no meetings scheduled. On the next page, enter the necessary information and click Save. Click the Start button on the meeting entry.
  4. Once the Zoom application has been launched, the meeting will begin automatically.

Examine the other meeting-starting methods.

Zoom user guides

  • Getting started guide for new users
  • Getting started with Zoom Rooms
  • Getting started with Zoom for Home
  • Getting started with Zoom Phone (admin)
  • Getting started with Zoom Phone (users)
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