Reserve Your Spot at Zoomtopia’s First-Ever Developer Summit – Zoom

We are pleased to announce that Zoomtopia has started accepting registrations for its first ever Developer Summit! On Nov. 9, 2022, we will hold our first builder-centric event virtually. The event will take place virtually over the internet. Join us for an interactive session that will highlight how our powerful APIs and SDKs can help accelerate app development and integration development, as well as explore real-world use cases from developers and Zoom partners who are creating new products and businesses with Zoom. You can get free access to the Zoomtopia Developer Summit if you register for Zoomtopia’s virtual registration.

What to expect

  • This one-day summit will be kicked off by Brendan Ittelson, our Chief Technology Officer, with a keynote address to be delivered by him

  • With Zoom’s Developer Platform, you have the option of choosing your favorite sessions from four tracks filled with valuable resources

  • Take advantage of virtual networking opportunities to share insights and best practices with other builders in the industry

Get inspired by fellow developers

You will be able to hear how developers have successfully dealt with the following issues in a variety of deep-dive sessions:

  • Integrated Zoom Meetings into the Zoom Meetings experience or developed fully customized video-based apps using Zoom Meetings’ SDKs for Meetings and Video

  • With our APIs and webhooks, we have be able to easily integrate Zoom into existing services to provide enterprise-grade solutions

  • Utilized the Zoom Apps SDK to develop engaging user experiences inside Zoom’s products

There will be four virtual stages presented on which Zoom’s Developer Platform will be showcased, including sessions showcasing:

  • Resources and tools for developers

  • There is a wide range of APIs available in the library

  • Zoom Apps SDK

  • Meeting SDK and Video SDK



What is Zoomtopia about?

Zoom Events, an all-in-one platform that provides you with the ability to create interactive virtual experiences that attendees will like, is the engine that drives Zoomtopia.

Is Zoomtopia in-person?

Interact with other attendees

The fact that Zoomtopia 2022 is a hybrid experience is one of the game’s most appealing features.At the New Dimensions Expo, attendees can physically interact with one another and network. However, you also have the chance to engage in conversation with other virtual attendees during the sessions using the chat, reactions, and question and answer tools that Zoom provides.

Where is Zoomtopia located?

Zoomtopia 2022 is the sixth iteration of our annual user conference, and it will take place at the San Jose Convention Center on November 8 and 9.

How do you earn with Zoom?

You need to be a paying user of Zoom in order to conduct a paid class there. (will open in a new window) This indicates that you are required to either own a Pro account (which costs 149 dollars per year), a Business account (which costs 199 dollars per year), an Enterprise account (which costs 199 dollars per year), or an Education account (which costs 1800 dollars per year for 20 hosts), or be a frequent Zoom user under one of these accounts with the agreement of its owner.