Using Join Personal Meeting ID with a Zoom Room

Users can insert a hyperlink of their personal meeting link in their profile on the Zoom web portal, where Zoom Room Controllers display a join link for their Personal Meeting ID (PMI). A PMI link will appear under the Meet Now button when the contact is selected from the Zoom Room controller’s contact list.

Zoom Room allows users to easily find and join their PMIs.


  • Zoom’s desktop client already provides this functionality. Zoom Rooms is implementing this feature.
  • Users will be able to select the tappable PMI link from the Location field if the URL field is populated with a valid PMI URL.

This article covers:

  • How to use the Join Personal Meeting ID
    • Entering PMI into the Location field
    • Using the Join Personal Meeting ID

Prerequisites for using Join Personal Meeting ID

  • Zoom Rooms device and controller system requirements can be found here
  • An account may be free, paid, pro, business, educational, or enterprise
  • User with basic capabilities
  • Client software for Zoom:
    • Windows: 5.5.0 (12454.0131) or later
    • MacOS: 5.5.0 (12467.0131) or later
  • Here are the mobile apps for Zoom:
    • Version 5.6.6 (2076) or higher for Android
    • Version 5.6.6 (423) or higher required for iOS

How to use the Join Personal Meeting ID

Entering PMI into the Location field of your profile

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.
  2. You can access your profile by clicking on the Profile link in the navigation menu.
  3. You can view your PMI and meeting link under Meeting by clicking the eye icon.
  4. Make a note of the link to your personal meeting.
  5. You can edit your profile by clicking the Edit button under your name.
  6. The location field should be filled in with your PMI.
  7. Save the file.
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Using the Join Personal Meeting ID from a Zoom Room

  1. Join a Zoom Room by clicking here.
  2. Identify a contact who has entered a PMI into the Location field of their contact record and then search for them.
  3. Choose the contact’s name from the list of contacts on the controller.
    There is a PMI URL displayed next to the location field under the name of the individual.
  4. The URL for the PMI can be found next to the Location field.