Administrator- How to Set Zoom App with OneLogin

This post was most recently updated on July 23rd, 2022


  1. Log in to the OneLogin administrator account at .
  2. Select [ADD APP] .
  3. Search for ” Zoom ” in the search field and select the Zoom application.
  4. Edit the display name (optional) and select Save .
  5. Once saved , open the [ configuration ] tab and enter and save only the vanity URL subdomain. The following example is a vanity URL of https: // Companyname
  6. You are ready to set up your SSO settings as a Zoom administrator . Log in to your SSO configuration
    as the Zoom account owner or administrator . Move to SSO tab for Zoom application of OneLogin. Set as follows.
  7. OneLogin SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)> Zoom Sign In Page URLImportant: You need to change the binding indicated in the URL to http-redirect. change as follows SLO Endpoint (HTTP)> Zoom
    Signout Page URL OneLogin Issuer URL> Zoom IssuerZoom ID Provider Certificate , select [ View Details ] (see below) under [ OneLogin X.509 Certificate ] . [ X.509 Certificate ] is displayed in the field between Begin certificate of End certificate copy the text of, [ Zoom Identity Provider Certificate enter the field.

    Copy this text

    —— END CERTIFICATE —— For Zoom binding, select HTTP-Redirect.
    Select the desired Zoom user type.

  8. Save the Zoom settings.
  9. You need to configure OneLogin users or groups to access the Zoom application.
  10. Access the vanity URL and click Sign In to redirect to the OneLogin Access page.
    When signed in, Zoom creates an account, displays the first / last name if available, and allows the user to log in.


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