Citrix device default configurations (Linux) in Zoom App

Citrix Workspace for Linux, which is a client application for Citrix systems, now displays all of the local audio devices that are available in a session, starting with Version 2010. The devices are no longer grouped under the label “Citrix HDX Audio” but instead are listed under the name of the device that they belong to. It is possible for you to dynamically switch between any of the available devices in a session at any time. The default audio input or output does not need to be selected before the session can be started, unlike previous releases. As soon as you plug in or remove an audio device, the sessions will update dynamically.

Version 2012 marks the beginning of the release of enhanced audio redirection, which is enabled by default on all versions of the product.

The following steps should be followed if you wish to disable this feature:

  1. You can open the module.ini file by going to the *ICAROOT>/config/ folder and clicking on it.
  2. The following entry needs to be added to the clientaudio section: