Controlling Zoom Phone access on mobile apps

The Zoom mobile apps (Android, iOS, iPad) can be controlled by administrators for access to Zoom Phone by phone users. As such, all features of the phone are included, including calls, SMS, call history, music and e-mail.

Prerequisites for controlling Zoom Phone access on mobile apps

  • Account type: Pro, Business, or Education
  • Ownership or admin rights
  • License for Zoom Phone
  • Note:
  • The Phone tab will not be displayed in the mobile app for app users on version 5.6.6 and higher if this setting is disabled. The Phone tab will appear in older versions of the app, but phone features won’t work.

How to control Zoom Phone access on mobile apps

  1. By logging into your account or site, you can access your policy settings.
  2. Having multiple sites means you can only use this policy setting on a site by site basis, if you have multiple sites.
  3. The toggle for Zoom Phone on Mobile can be enabled or disabled.
    • All Zoom Phone features can be accessed using any Zoom mobile app (Android, iOS, iPad).
      • Allow Calling and SMS/MMS functions on Mobile:
      • You can enable or disable these functions. The mobile app still allows users to access call history and voicemail even if the calling and SMS capabilities are disabled.
    • Users of Zoom Phones cannot use any Zoom mobile application (Android, iOS, iPad) if Zoom Phones are disabled. In addition, the Zoom Phones application does not offer the phone’s SMS, call history, or voicemail features.