We assumed access using only SSO, but without login we will be able to login using only username and password in Zoom App

first, make sure that I and II have been set up.

If you set I and II for the first time, please also execute III.

  1. Managed domain settings

1. Log in to https://zoom.us/account.

2. It is OK if there is a managed domain setting. If there is no setting, please set in the following procedure.

3. Click Add next to the managed domain.

  1. Enter one or more domains in thedialog ” Add Managed Domain “.

5. Click Authenticate Domain.

6. Select the domain authentication method from the dialog ” Authenticate domain” to authenticate the domain.

(Supplement) Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to log in using your company’s credentials. Zoom Single Sign-On (SSO) is based on SAML 2.0.

Zoom acts as a service provider (SP) and provides automatic user provisioning. There is no need to register as a user with Zoom. When Zoom receives a SAML response from an identity provider (IdP), it checks if the user exists. If the user does not exist, Zoom will automatically create a user account using the received Name ID.

Zoom is also available with service providers such as PingOne, Okta, Azure, Centrify, Shibboleth, Gluu, G Suite / Google Apps, OneLogin. Zoom is also available for implementations using ADFS 2.0 SAML.

  1. Setting forced redirect to vanity URL

Unless vanity URL is enabled, it is a specification that access use with Vanity URL only will not be realized. Vanity URLs provide access to zoom account features such as branding and single sign-on. Follow the steps below to check the vanity URL settings.

1. Log in to https://zoom.us/account.

2. Confirm that the Vanity URL has been set.

If the Vanity URL is not set, configure it in the following steps.

3. Vanity URL Click Apply.

  1. Enter the vanity URL and click Apply.

5. We will contact Zoom E-mail with your registered e-mail address in 1-2 business days regarding the existence of Vanity URL.

After setting III

To get started, SSO users must use a browser to access https: // yourcompany .zoom.us and log in. Or, when logging in from the desktop or mobile client, you need to enter the domain name of vanity URL in SSO login.



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