Functional difference between the free version and the paid version of Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on June 21st, 2021

Screen sharing

Remote controlremote functionVirtual background(temporary background)User management * 4Vanity URL * 7Cloud Record Transcript (character revitalization function)

Group meeting (3 people)Possible timeNumber of licenses × 1 GBWebinar functionH.323 / SIPSkype for Business (Lync)Interoperability * 11

Free plan
Pay plan
Basic Pro (Pro) BusinessEducation Enterprise(Enterprise)
Minimum number of contracted users None None 10 or more users More than 50 users
Up to 40 minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hostable number of participantsAdd-on option Up to 100 peopleAdd-on not possible Up to 100 peopleUp to 1,000 add-ons Up to 100 peopleUp to 1,000 add-ons Up to 500 peopleUp to 1,000 add-ons
RecordingSave locallyCloud storage * 1
(MP4 / M4A)
Moth× MothMoth MothMoth MothMoth
Cloud capacity
* 2 * 3
None Business: 
Number of licenses x 1 GB Education: 
Number of licenses x 0.5 GB
Purchase additional recording storage capacity × Moth Moth
Moth Moth Moth Moth
Annotation function
Moth Moth Moth Moth
Moth Moth Moth Moth
Moth Moth Moth Moth
× Moth Moth Moth
ZoomRooms × Moth Moth Moth
× Moth Moth Moth
Free dial
or call
me function
× Moth Moth Moth
SSO function
/>single sign on
× × Moth Moth
× Moth Moth Moth
Administrator function
control * 5
× Moth Moth Moth
dashboard * 6
× × Moth Moth
× × Moth Moth
Domain management * 8 × × Moth Moth
Company branding * 9 × × Moth Moth
Custom mail * 10 × × Moth Moth
× Moth Moth Moth
LTI integration * 12 × × Moth Moth
× × Moth Moth


    1.  Cloud recording allows you to download and stream the file from your browser.
      Available formats are MP4 (video) format, M4A (voice) format, and TXT (chat).
    2. An email alert will be sent to the account owner when the cloud usage reaches 80% of the registered storage capacity.
    3. Storage is possible even if the capacity limit is exceeded. However, it can not be accessed unless the capacity is deleted or purchased additionally.
      Please contact us for additional recording storage capacity.


  • Account owner

and administrators can

  1. manage each user,
  1. including adding, deleting, assigning and adding on roles for each user


  • Account owners and administrators


can use management functions such as enabling / disabling recording, encryption, chat, turning notification on / off, etc.

  1. The dashboard allows account administrators to view their overall usage and data during live meetings.
  2. You can create a customized original URL (company
  3. You can add users to your account automatically using your company or university email address domain.
  4. You can add your company’s ‘brand’ (logo) to your own customized page.
  5. You can create a branded email template and send invitations to attendees.
  6. Users of Lync 2010/2013 and Skype for Business can start Zoom meetings from the Lync contact list.
  7. You can easily set the schedule of meetings including course activities and invite the corresponding students from the learning management system (Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Blackboard).
  8. Automatically generated cloud transcript included in more than business plan

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