How to display automatic the contacts in my company in zoom app (with domain definition)

This post was most recently updated on August 26th, 2021

First, you need to define the domain and set it so that contacts can be added automatically.

Please set in the following way.

How to define domain

1.  Login to your account profile .

  1. Click Add to the right of Managed Domains.
  2. Enter one or more domains in “Add Managed Domain” and click Add.

. Click [ Authorize Domain ] on the account profile screen .

  1. Select an approval method and click Next.
  2. Follow the instructions to add TXT records to your domain.

This screen differs depending on the authentication method.

 ・ When adding TXT Record to domain

When uploading an HTML file to the domain


When adding a <meta> tag to the domain home page

  1. . Click the check box and click [ Authenticate Domain].

How to set contacts to be added automatically

1.  Login to your account profile .

  1. Select IM management and set  the visibility to [ON] in the IM settings tab.
    You will be able to add accounts from the same domain to your contacts automatically.