H.323 / SIP menu in Zoom Meeting

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Joining a Zoom meeting from an H.323 or SIP device via CRC allows you to access the Zoom menu with DTMF tones, control the video layout, start / stop video, mute / unmute, etc.


  • Join a Zoom Meeting from an H.323 or SIP Device
  • Some menu features require you to join a meeting as a host. Learn more about joining as a meeting host from H.323 or SIP devices.


  1. Press 1 on the DTMF tone to access the menu.
    On some devices, it may be necessary to switch the remote control to send DTMF tones.Polycom : Press [ # ] to activate the DTMF tone keypad.
    Tandberg : Press ” # ” to activate “Touch Tone”.
    Lifesize : Press to toggle between preset and DTMF mode.
    Sony : Press [ * ] to activate DTMF mode. Press [ Enter ] to exit
    (the microphone is not active in DTMF mode).
    Aver : Press [ Far / Near ] button on the remote control to switch between camera preset and DTMF mode.
  2. The menu is displayed.

1 : You can change the video layout by pressing [ 1 ].

2 : You can mute / unmute the microphone by pressing [ 2 ].

4 : Press [ 4 ] to start or stop camera feed.

5 : Press [ 5 ] to start or stop recording.
Note : You must be a meeting host to record.

6 : Press [ 6 ] to display the Participant List.

0 : Press [ 0 ] to display additional options.

* : Press [ * ] to close the menu.

Additional Options :Press[ 0 ] todisplay additional optionsand the following menu will be displayed.

1 : You can change the dual screen mode by pressing [ 1 ].
It sends a
single content stream over a video channel, rather than sending both content and video .
You can use this
to switch between video and content if you can not receive video and content at the same time .

2 : You can show / hide the name in the participant’s video feed by pressing [ 2 ].

3 : Press [ 3 ] to mute the participant when entering the room.
Note : You must be the meeting host to mute participants when entering.

4 : When using gallery view, if all participants are not displayed on one screen, press
[ 4 ] to move to the previous screen of participants.

5 : Press [ 5 ] to show / hide participants who do not use video.

6 : When using the gallery view
, if all the participants are not displayed on one screen, press [ 6 ] to move to the next screen.

7:  Press [ 7 ] to show / hide the chat message on the display.

8 :  Press [ 8 ] to show / hide subtitles.

* : Press [ * ] to close the menu.

For more information on this article, please refer to the H.323 / SIP menu .


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