Using the Conference Room Connector in Zoom

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

In order to communicate with H.323/SIP devices, the H.323/SIP Room Connector is used as a gateway. It is possible to join Zoom cloud meetings with an H.323 or SIP device by making a video call to a Room Connector. There is also the possibility of calling out to an H.323 or SIP device to join a Zoom cloud meeting with the help of a Room Connector.

In terms of H.323/SIP Room Connectors, there are two options you can choose from:

When you purchase the H.323/SIP Room Connector add-on as part of your current plan or billing, you have the option to choose between CRC and VRC.

Whenever an account owner is subscribed to a minimum of five ports, an email alert will be sent to him or her if usage is at 80% or higher.

Note: You can connect up to three devices at once to your account across all meetings that you are a member of per port subscription.

Prerequisites for using the SIP/H.323 Room Connector

  • It is necessary for you to subscribe to the H.323/SIP Room Connector, which requires the following requirements:
    • There are four types of accounts: Pro, Business, Education, and Enterprise
    • Please log in by clicking on the following link:
    • Subscriptions for H.323/SIP Room Connector can be found in Billing, or you can contact sales for more information
  • The Room Connector can only be used by licensed users who are able to schedule meetings
  • The following is a list of the devices that support Room Connector

How to dial into the H.323/SIP Room Connector

On an H.323 device, you dial:

  • IP Address only, then enter meeting ID on the welcome screen
  • IP Address##Meeting ID, for example:
  • MeetingID@IP Address: 2139746932@  [Some Cisco/Tandberg devices]

On a SIP device, you can enter:

  • IP Address only, then enter meeting ID on the welcome screen
  • Meeting ID@IP Address, for example, 213746932@

For more information on how to dial, including entering the numeric password, please refer to the H.323/SIP Room Connector Dial Strings.

How to join via pairing

  1. By dialing the IP address only, you will be able to access the splash screen
  2. In the Zoom website or Zoom application, enter the pairing code option that appears on the splash screen (see image below). You can also enter the pairing code on the Zoom website.

A more detailed explanation of how to join via pairing can be found in the section Joining Via Pairing.

How to call out

In order to call out to a SIP/H.323 room system, please follow the instructions we have provided.