How to Create a Zoom custom disclaimer in Zoom App

Administrators can customize a disclaimer that appears when users begin or join a meeting or webinar, as well as sign into their accounts through the web portal, the desktop client or the mobile app. The disclaimer must be accepted by the users, otherwise, if they click Cancel in the disclaimer, they will not be able to join the session, sign in, or start the session.

A disclaimer will be shown to users every time the account owner or admin chooses to update the disclaimer, and then the disclaimer will be shown again after a specified amount of time.

Additionally, it is possible to view a report of your user’s disclaimer activity and to customize your disclaimer for recording purposes.

There are a few things you have to consider before you can create a custom disclaimer for sign-ins, meetings, and webinars

  • Having administrative privileges on an account or being the account owner
  • A free account can be obtained with a credit card, business, education, or enterprise account, or through an API Partner Account
  • You cannot see the disclaimer when you are not participating in the meeting or webinar, or if you are not using the desktop client, mobile app, or web client.
  • Zoom website users, desktop clients, and mobile app users must be logged in to the Zoom web portal, desktop client, or mobile app to see the disclaimer.

Allowing meetings to have a disclaimer


The following needs to be enabled for all users in the account:
  1. Obtain the privileges to edit the account settings from the Zoom web portal by logging into the Zoom web portal as an admin.
  2. Select the Account Management section under the navigation panel before selecting Account Settings.
  3. You will then need to choose a meeting.
  4. When you start a new meeting or join one currently in progress, you should make sure that your disclaimer is shown in the Advanced section of the meeting (In Meeting).
  5. It may be disabled, so make sure it is enabled by clicking the toggle button. A confirmation dialog may appear, in which case click Enable to confirm the change.
  6. If you want to ensure that those settings are mandatory for all users in your account, you must click the lock icon, and then you must click Lock to confirm the settings.
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Note : 

Zoom Group Management is now known as Groups if you are registering for a new Zoom account after August 21, 2021 or your Zoom account has been enabled to use the New Admin Experience.

For a group of users, the following must be enabled:
  1. If you are an administrator with group editing privileges, log in to the Zoom web portal as an admin.
  2. Select User Management and then Group Management from the navigation panel.
  3. From the list of Groups, click on the name of the appropriate group, then select the Meetings tab.
  4. In Meeting (Advanced), make sure that the option Allow a custom disclaimer when joining or starting a meeting is switched on.
  5. If it is not enabled, make sure that you toggle the setting on. Click the Enable button to confirm the change if a verification dialog appears.
    Note: In the case that the option is grayed out, that means that it has been locked at the account level and must be unlocked there to enable it.
  6. The lock icon on the left of the user list for each group allows you to make this setting mandatory for every user in the group by clicking the icon and clicking Lock.

How to set up and customize the disclaimer that is displayed during meetings and webinars

A disclaimer, if a disclaimer is updated by an account owner or admin, will appear to the users every time that information is updated, and again at the frequency that was set.

  1. Make sure that the disclaimer is enabled.
  2. Make sure that the disclaimer is enabled.
  3. Change the following settings:
    • Display For:
    • Provide further information as to whether the disclaimer is displayed to internal users or external users. A minimum of one option must be selected.
      • Internal participants:
      • All internal users who start or join meetings will be prompted with the disclaimer.
      • External participants:
      •  Users outside of the organization who join meetings that are being hosted by employees should be made aware of this disclaimer.
      • Show the same disclaimer to internal and external users?:
      • It is possible to use one declaimer for both user types if both the above options have been chosen, or you can use separate disclaimers for each.
    • Frequency:
    • The frequency at which the disclaimer is displayed.
      • Every time:
      • It is recommended that the disclaimer be displayed every time a new user joins or starts a meeting, regardless of whether they click Agreement or Allow.
      • First time only:
      •  If they are using the desktop client or the mobile app, then make the disclaimer visible until they click Allow (desktop). In the event that you click Cancel, then you will see the same disclaimer next time you join or start a meeting.

        • Your Display For setting determines whether you will see this disclaimer for internal or external users.
        • In the event that you enable the disclaimer for a meeting hosted by an internal user and the external users click Allow or Agree, the disclaimer will no longer appear to them the next time they join a meeting.
      • Every month, every three months, every six months, every year:
      • You should repeat the disclaimer in the specified interval after the user has accepted the disclaimer.
    • Languages:
    • If you have translated versions of this disclaimer available, please select the appropriate language from the list.
  4. Click Next.
  5. You are then prompted to provide the title and content description of your disclaimer. If you click on the Preview button, you will be able to see how the declaimer looks in the desktop client.
  6. In the desktop client, the disclaimer will always state, This disclaimer has been created by the account administrator for your account.
  7. Click Save.
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Signing in to the system with the disclaimer enabled

Furthermore, you can display a disclaimer when internal users log into their Zoom account by signing up for a Zoom account through the web portal, desktop client, or mobile app. This setting can only be enabled at the account level.

  1. If you are an administrator of the Zoom account, you are able to edit account settings by signing into the Zoom web portal.
  2. Select Advanced from the navigation panel and then select Security from the Security menu.
  3. If you choose Show disclaimer when users sign in to Zoom under the Sign-In Methods section, you need to ensure that it is enabled.
  4. Click the toggle to make the setting active if it is disabled.

How to set up and customize the disclaimer for your sign-in page

  1. Make sure that the disclaimer is enabled.
  2. You can do this by clicking on Manage Disclaimer.
  3. Change these settings:
    • Frequency:
    • Define the frequency at which the disclaimer appears.
      • Every time:
      • There should be a disclaimer displayed on the web portal every time a user signs into the portal, regardless of whether they click Yes or No.
      • First time only:
      • the disclaimer should be displayed until the user clicks Agree. The next time they log in to the web portal, they will see the same disclaimer as before if they click Cancel.
      • Every month, Every quarter, Every 6 months, Every year:
      • You can repeat the disclaimer in the interval specified after a user accepts the disclaimer.
    • Languages:
    • You can select the relevant language versions of the disclaimer if you have translated them.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Please create the title and description for the disclaimer. You can check how the disclaimer looks by clicking Preview.
  6. In the disclaimer, it will always state that your account admin created this disclaimer for you.
  7. Click on the Save.