How to schedule a zoom meeting that requires registration

When scheduling a meeting that requires registration, participants will need to register their email address, name, other items, and custom questions.


  • The type of host user must be Pro (Pro) or higher.
  • Meetings with registration enabled can not use PMI (Personal Meeting ID).


Schedule a meeting that requires registration

  1. Log in to your Zoom profile and select the My Meetings tab.
  2. A list of  webinar page. Here you will see a list of scheduled meetings is displayed.

You can also add a subscription feature when you create a new meeting. You can correct


Check the [Required] box of the item of [Registration].

  1. After scheduling the meeting, the Branding and Invite Participant sections appear.
  2. The Participant Invitations section contains the link to the meeting and a list of registrants. You can also set the
    meeting registration type to ” automatic approval ” or ” manual approval “.
  • Anyone
    who has registered for automatic approval will receive information on how to participate.
  • Manually Approving
    Hosts need to approve registrants on the Manage Meetings page.

After scheduling, the host can check

  • As a waiting room , the screen will change to the following screen. Please wait until the host, you can enable / disable email notification when someone registers .
  • You can not authorize registration after the scheduled meeting time has passed.
  • Participants who have approved can be rejected later.
  • You can also accept a rejected participant.
  • In the ” Branding ” section, you can customize your registration page with a banner or logo.
  • Banners and logos can be uploaded by clicking Upload.

Participant Management:

You can create a registrant list for a specific meeting.

See also  Subtitle display in Zoom Room

You can also duplicate invitations emailed to the registrant.

Click on a registrant’s name to view additional information about that person.

Registration Options:

You can configure the registration process by changing registration questions and additional registration settings.

You can also choose which questions you need to register. You can also create custom questions.


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