How to Use blurred background in Zoom App

Using blurred background

In instances where you want the privacy of your surroundings, but cannot get a custom virtual background because it is unavailable or does not suit your needs, the blur background option may be an excellent alternative. You can use this option in order to blur the background of the video, obscuring anyone or anything that is in front of you. This is a great solution when your dorm room is cluttered, when you have a meeting at a coffee shop, or just when you’re trying to look professional.

Prerequisites for using blurred background

  • Using the Zoom desktop client, you can:
    • Run Zoom 5.5.0 (12454.0131) or later on Windows
    • and Mac OS: 5.5.0 (12467.0131) or higher
    • If you are using Linux: 5.7.6 (31792.0820)
  • Zoom mobile app:
    • The latest version of Android is 5.6.6 (2076)
    • and the latest version of iOS is 5.6.6 (423).
  • Virtual Background app must meet the following requirements
    • It is mandatory that desktop clients comply with the “Images only without a green screen” requirements as well.
    • The mobile apps must comply with the Android and iOS requirements as well.

How to enable blur background

In fact, Blur is just one of many Virtual Background options, and it’s directly controlled by the settings under the Virtual Background section. This support article provides information about enabling Virtual Backgrounds in the section “Enabling Virtual Backgrounds”.

Windows | macOS | Linux

What is the process for turning on blurred backgrounds before a meeting?

  • Log in to your Zoom account using the Zoom desktop client and open the Zoom desktop client.
  • A menu with settings will appear on the client once it has been launched.
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  • In order to adjust the filters and background, you need to select both.
  •  It is important that the Virtual Background tab is enabled in the web portal if it is not already enabled, and then you need to sign out of Zoom and sign back in again.
  • Select Blur and then click OK.
    Therefore, the background is blurred behind you, which will allow you to see what is going on around you.

By selecting the appropriate option during a meeting, you will be able to enable blurred backgrounds….

  1. Consider getting involved in a Zoom Meeting or Webinar as one of the panelists.
  2. If you want to pause the video or restart it you will need to click the arrow-up  arrow button located next to the Start Video  Stop Video button.
  3. Then, click Blur My Background.
  4.  The Blur My Background feature is available only in version 5.9.3. If you are using an older version, you can control the blur background feature by referencing the section above.
Note : 

  • Once you turn on the blurred background, that will be the background used for your upcoming meetings onward, as soon as it has been enabled.
  • For the purpose of disabling Virtual Background, open virtual background option again and select None from the options list.
  • To make sure that you are using the correct version of the desktop client and that all technical requirements for “Images only without a green screen” are met, please ensure that you do not have the Blur option.

Android | iOS

The process of enabling blurred backgrounds during a meeting