Introduction to Zoom Rooms for Touch Display





You can install the Zooms room software on a Windows PC with touchscreen and then start / join a meeting using the built-in touchscreen controller or another iPad or Android controller.

There is also a whiteboard in the Zoom room for touch. After starting a whiteboard session, you can invite participants to a meeting to view and annotate the whiteboard.

In order to make the display for touch the ZoomRooms

  • Zoom Room for Windows version 4.0.44731.0823
  • Windows PC version 10.x or higher with touch screen
  • Touch driver installed on the computer
  • Single display only



It is used in the same way as the Zoom Rooms controller.

Start or join a meeting

<Start of meeting>

<Join meeting>

Using the Whiteboard in the Zoom Room for Touch

In-meeting controls in the Zoom room for touch


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