Use the whiteboard with Zoom Rooms for Touch

Zoom Rooms for Touch has a whiteboard. After starting a whiteboard session, you can invite others to view and annotate. You can save the whiteboard image and annotations at any time by sending the image file to a designated email recipient.



  • Meeting Room Zoom Room for PC-Since January 2019 release
  • Windows PC version 8.1 or higher
  • Touch driver installed on the computer
  • Single touch screen monitor or dual monitor

This article explains the following:


How to start a whiteboard session

  1. From the home screen, tap [ Whiteboard ].
  1. A whiteboard control bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen and you can switch from the default color (black) to another color (red, yellow, green, or blue) and draw on the screen.

You can also access these features:

  1. Close: Closes the whiteboard and returns to the home screen.
  2. Month icon : Change the whiteboard background to black.
  3. Save icon : Email the image to the whiteboard.
  4. Add Page Icon : Add a new Whiteboard Page. As you add pages, you will see an icon indicating the number of pages. Tap this icon to view and delete pages.
  5. Start meeting: Start a meeting and share the whiteboard with the participants.

Invite participants to the whiteboard session

If you have set up a Zoom room touch with dual monitor and set up Zoom Rooms for Touch with dual monitors , the whiteboard session will remain on the touch screen monitor and the participant’s video will be displayed on the regular monitor.

  1. From the home screen, tap [ Whiteboard ].
  2. Tap the color to start drawing.
  3. Tap Start Meeting at the bottom right .
  4. Tap [  ] in the lower right section to display the built-in controller.
  5. Tap Invite on the meeting control .
  6. Use the search bar to search for contacts to invite.
  7. Select a participant from the search results and tap Invite .
  8. All participants can see the whiteboard you are sharing, and can annotate it using the whiteboard annotation tool from their Zoom application.
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Annotate the screen shared by meeting participants

Participants in the Zoom room can annotate the screen shared by all participants in the meeting.

  1. Join a meeting shared by another participant
  2. Select a color from the bottom of the touch screen to start drawing. This will annotate the shared screen and show it to all participants in the meeting.
  3. Use the controls at the bottom of the touch screen to change, erase, and return colors.

Save Whiteboard Session

You can save and share a whiteboard session with annotations by emailing the saved file. If there are multiple pages on the whiteboard, each page will be a separate image.

  1. Tap the Save icon at the bottom of the whiteboard . The Save Whiteboard dialog will be displayed.
  2. Enter the e-mail address to send the image .
  3. Submit tap].
    The whiteboard image is sent with the subject ” Saved Whiteboard Image “.

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