Nomadic emergency services process in Zoom

This post was most recently updated on July 23rd, 2022

A high-level overview of the process can be found in the following steps if you are using bootstrap mode and the personal location option when enabling nomadic emergency services.

Note: The setup instructions for nomadic emergency services can be found in the article on nomadic emergency services.


  1. The desktop client will prompt a phone user with permission to enable location permission if they are signing in for the first time to the desktop client after they have enabled nomadic emergency services with bootstrap mode and personal locations.
  2. A Zoom Phone user will be prompted to confirm or update their emergency address every time Zoom Phone detects a change in a network (IP or MAC address) that they haven’t previously reported:
    • Desktop client: It is possible that the phone user will see the prompt directly in the desktop client if the network change has something to do with the desktop client itself.
    • Desk phone: A user will receive an email notification if the network change is related to a desk phone, which will direct them to the phone settings in the web portal if there is a change to the network.
  3. The Zoom Phone will attempt to match the network data associated with a phone user’s phone number with the existing company or personal location of the user.
    • Detectable location: In the event that the network data is associated with an existing location, the phone user will be prompted to confirm or update the location associated with the detected emergency address, if there is one already registered. Upon confirming the address over the phone, the user will be redirected to the web portal where they will be able to select a location for that address. There will be an association between the address and the location.
    • Undetectable location: A prompt will appear on the phone requesting the phone user to add an emergency address if the new network data is not associated with an existing location.
  4. A user will be able to update or add their emergency address by following the steps below:
    • Choose a location on their website that has been added by the company
    • You can add a new emergency address to the company’s location list as a new emergency address
    • Choose a personal location that you have saved in your profile
    • Create a new personal location containing the address of an emergency
  5. The user will receive a notification via email if they choose either the first or second option and you (and any other recipients listed in the email notifications) can review and approve any pending data for company locations by reviewing the email. If you would like to review and pending company location data, please sign in to the Zoom web portal. After the location has been approved, it will automatically be added as a company location once it has been approved.