Specify default dial-in country in Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on June 21st, 2021

To Specify the default dial-in country in Zoom App, As an account manager or meeting organizer, you can select one or more countries where you want to invite many attendees.

You can also set up a default dial-in number for countries with many attendees to appear on invitations.


To specify the default dial-in country that appears in invitations to meetings and webinars:


  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  • Set in the following three patterns.


(1)To set for all meetings in the account Click
Account Settings ] and select the [ Phone ] tab.

(2) If you are an administrator and configure settings for a specific group
Click [
Group Management ], click the group name, and click the [ Settings ] tab.
Select the [ Phone ] tab.


(3)To set up a meeting hosted by yourself
Click [ My Meeting Settings ] and select the [ Telephone ] tab.

  • [Country/region of the global dial-in scroll down to the section], [ and then click the Edit icon].
  • Selection of global dial-country dialog box is displayed.


Select the country where participants in the conference or webinar will dial-in.

  • (Example)  If there are US, Canada, and Australia participants in the meeting,Click the checkboxes next to the names of those countries.
    The name of the selected country is immediately displayed at the bottom of the list of Selected countries column on the right of the dialog.
  •  Adjust the selected country list:

If the country name is not displayed
You can search by entering the first few letters of the country name.

To remove a country from the list
Select Remove next to the country name on the right of the dialog.
You can also uncheck the list of available countries on the left side of the dialog.

If you want to change the order in which dial-in numbers for countries appear in email invitations Select the country’s name in the Selected country list.
Drag up and down in the list.

  1.  If the meeting invitation includes both toll-free and toll-free numbers in the selected country , activate the Include toll-free numbers option.
    Note that this option is not available to all organizations.
  2.  When the country names appear in the correct order, click Save .



The invitation contains the dial-in number of the selected country.
These numbers are displayed in the order they appear in the Select Global Dial-in Countries dialog.

Example) When Canada is displayed at the top of the “Selected countries” list

By default, the iPhone’s one-tap information is only available in Canada.
The Canadian dial-in number is displayed at the beginning of the invitation,
followed by the dial-in numbers of other countries in the Selected Countries list.

If you have changed your branding,  please refer to Enabling Default Global Dial-in Country in Branding.