Synchronization Calendar in Zoom App

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With synchronous calendar

The Zoom mobile app on iOS devices works with your calendar’s Zoom meeting to automatically add Zoom’s upcoming meetings to the app. When reminders are enabled, Zoom sends reminders for scheduled Zoom meetings to the calendar.

This page explains the following items.

  • Synchronization calendar settings
  • Attending a meeting from the sync calendar

Before syncing the calendar

  • Zoom mobile app on iOS devices
  • Calendar added with iOS Calendar app

How to set sync calendar

  1. Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.
  2. Tap Settings (Gear).
  3.  Tap [Meeting] .
  4. Tap Synchronized Calendars.
  5. Switch  [Synchronize Zoom Meeting]  on the calendar to “On”.
  6. Tap the calendar you want to sync with Zoom. A blue checkmark will appear next to the selected calendar.

Attending a meeting from the sync calendar

  1.  Tap [Plan] .
  2. Tap the meeting you want to join.
  3. Tap Start Meeting.

See Synced Calendars for details.


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