Why Zoom Webinars are Chosen

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the webinar tool, and then explain why the Zoom webinar in the title is the recommended first place.

That’s a very simple reason. It has all of these benefits, and the disadvantages are very few because it’s the Zoom webinar.

I have summarized the functions and features of the Zoom webinar.


Zoom Webinar Features

Zoom Webinar is a worldwide license for Zoom webinars and online salons.

You can streamline marketing automation by integrating with marketing systems such as HubSpot and salesforce, and you can also take advantage of monetization options with Paypal integration via Zapier.

  • Mutual schedule management can be done by integrating with HubSpot, and viewing data and viewer data can be acquired
  • Accepts over 10,000 webinar participants. Also, up to 100 two-way communication can be performed
  • Information about registrants and attendees, survey results, engagement of attendees, etc. can be output as a report
  • It can be distributed on SNS channels using the YouTube integration function or Facebook Live etc.
  • You can present and pay Paypal and credit payment to users via Napier
  • High-security level because role encryption is used for meeting encryption and user security
  • Applications for smartphones and tablets are also available, and the interface is almost unchanged and easy to use
  • Compared with other webinar tools, it uses high compression data while using high-quality communication, so the communication load is small
  • No account registration required to participate. You can join by just clicking the invitation URL
  • Screen sharing/material sharing possible
  • Easy to share and edit with recording function
  • Q & A options, surveys, chats, and attendee hand-raising functions make it easy to achieve highly effective two-way communication.



This time, I explained what a webinar tool is and what advantages and disadvantages there are by introducing a webinar tool.

We also introduced why Zoom webinars have been selected and recommended by many hosts as a webinar tool.

It is a webinar tool that can be used as a business marketing tool from now on, and it can be seen as a tool that will help businesses grow their business and a Zoom webinar.

Please feel free to inquire from the following if you are a company or organization that is thinking of introducing it. The person in charge will inform you of the best plan and price.