Using the attendee’s CRC license in Zoom

When the host of the meeting does not have a CRC license, attendees who have a CRC license may use their own CRC license to attend the meeting.

The following topics are covered in this article:

  • How to join using a pairing code
  • How to join using the API Connector

Prerequisites for using the attendees CRC license

If you would like to join, please use the following pairing code:

  • It is possible that a host without a CRC license has scheduled a meeting
  • There is a CRC license available to the attendee who is a licensed user

If you do not want to enter your pairing code, you can join as follows:

  • A meeting ID that has been scheduled by an unlicensed host
  • There is a CRC license available for the attendee since the attendee is a licensed user
  • As part of the provisioning process, the Zoom API Connector is used to connect the device to Zoom
  • In order to participate in a meeting, the device’s calendar must be opened or the Join a Meeting button must be pressed on the device
Note : 
There is a restriction on joining a meeting if you are more than two hours before it starts; after it ends, you are only allowed to join if you are less than one hour.

How to join using a pairing code

  1. SIP/H.323 devices can be used to join the meeting. Find out more by clicking here.
  2. Go to on your computer or mobile device and follow the instructions.
  3. Please sign into your Zoom account if you do not already have one.
  4. In the device splash screen, you will be able to see the Meeting ID as well as the pairing code.
  5. Once you have clicked Connect, a new window will appear.
  6. Now that the device has been added to the meeting, it will take part in the discussion. There will be a brief message on the computer indicating that the device has joined successfully and that the connection has been established.

How to join using the API Connector

It is possible to join meetings on other accounts as an attendee without having to enter the pairing code on the device, if the device has been provisioned using the Zoom API Connector for Cisco, Polycom or Lifesize, respectively. The Meeting ID number can be used either as a way to add a scheduled meeting to a calendar resource (one-tap), or using it as a means to join a meeting via the Meeting ID number.

Note : 
The attendee license cannot be used with Polycom Trio devices that have been provisioned. As a general rule, trios use the pairing code method as a means of pairing.