Ways to Improve The Connection Quality of Your Zoom Calls

Ways to Improve The Connection Quality of Your Zoom Calls

Zoom is on the rise, and we are using it more and more every day. Unfortunately, the internet and connection aren’t always stable or reliable. Between constant freezing, inability to hear others, and just overall slowness — a bad connection while in a Zoom meeting is no fun for anyone.

If you find yourself having a hard time either pulling Zoom up on your computer, freezing during a meeting frequently, or simply being able to view Zoom — then your connection might be bad. In order to get behind it, there are a few different ways to improve your connection quality! Follow these tips and find the solution to your network problem.

Check Your Internet Connection Before Your Call

Before you hop on zoom, there are ways to check your internet before your call. Through apps that your internet provider has or through online tools, you can make sure that your connection is set and ready to go.

If it already seems a little bit slow before you start your Zoom meeting, it might be best to completely restart your internet network. Restarting gives it a good little refresh that can drastically improve and help your internet connection. If restarting doesn’t work, then there are myriad of other ways to find the solution to your problem.

Mute Your Microphone

You don’t have to mute your microphone the entire time that you’re on Zoom, of course, especially if you plan on taking a good bit. Muting your microphone when you aren’t talking, however, can keep your computer and internet from getting bogged down.

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When you’re on an app like Zoom, it actually gives some of your connection away, specifically to an audio stream. That’s how we are able to hear each other from far away. Muting will not only prevent any unwanted noises from coming across your virtual meeting, but it will also improve the overall quality and connection of your Zoom calls.

Close Other Browsers That You Aren’t Using

We understand that a work day is full of browsers and tabs that might need to remain open. If you can refrain from any unnecessary open tabs, however, then it’s best to close them before the meeting. This is because you probably aren’t scrolling around on your computer while in a Zoom meeting.

Give your dedication and time to your colleague or another party by closing out those tabs in order to maintain a strong and reliable connection that will remain uninterrupted. If you absolutely cannot close them down, simply minimize the important ones, and that should help the speed of your network and Zoom connection.

Get the Speed You’re Paying For

You should be getting the speed that you’re paying for. There are ways to check your speed for free online. Fast.com is an efficient site that allows you to see what your network is at with your specific computer. If, for some reason, your provider isn’t giving you what you pay for, then call them and figure out what is going on.

They could potentially tell you to restart your network, or they can offer you some insight that you wouldn’t normally think about. Some internet providers can also conduct a speed test either by calling them or using an app that they provide.

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When all else fails, go to this page to search for a new network that will offer you premium quality speed. You can get quotes, along with further information on what each product is that they offer. Not only do they offer supreme products alongside Cisco Meraki licensing needs, but they also have more blogs on their site that help you understand your network a little bit further.

Professional services are also on the site, like core evaluation checks. Core evaluation checks are overviews of the products and services, along with hitting on some very key factors to having a good internet connection and provider.

Talk to an IT representative and ask any questions that you may have! They will be able to heavily inform you about their products along with projecting how it will help you in the long run.

Don’t lose yourself to bad internet connection. A bad connection could lead to some serious agitation and confusion because we all just want to know how to immediately fix our internet problems.

Hopefully, after following these steps, talking to professionals, and getting some new equipment, then you will get just what you need and you will get back to Zoom in no time.

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