Virtual Workout: How do I work out with friends remotely?

Virtual Workout: How do I work out with friends remotely?

Working out is way more fun when you can do so with your friends. However, sometimes it can be hard being in the same space as all of your preferred workout buddies. Between work, school, family, travel, or quarantine, it may require some virtual help to work out together.

Don’t be discouraged by using zoom or other tools to do a group workout. Setting up a virtual workout with friends is easier than you think. Let’s look at the following ways you and your accountability crew can work out together regardless of location.

Get Some Equipment

Depending on your workout, you may need to purchase some equipment. This site is perfect for several types of items, including boxing bags, weights, stationary bikes, protein powder, and more.

You may want to decide what type of workout you and your friends will focus on together. For example, if you want to do virtual yoga, get comfortable yoga pants, a mat and a quiet spot to place your computer or phone during the activity.

Use Virtual Training Apps

These apps allow you to set up workouts and track progress without having to be near each other. You can also use these apps when you’re traveling for work or school so that your friends can join in on your workouts wherever they are!

You can use running apps like Zwift that allow you to ride or run against peers anywhere. Another popular app includes Strava, which allows one to connect with and share workouts with runners.

FIIT is an app that provides boutique workout classes on your phone and gives you real time metrics. You can also compete in live classes with your friends.

Create a Shared Workout Plan

You can also set up a schedule for your workouts so that you don’t have to worry about missing them. It may be easier for you and your friends to agree to a shared workout plan. Even if you don’t want to do all your workouts together, you may want to do one type of exercise together. Someone can create a google calendar or doc to plan out your shared workouts. Then you can set up alerts on your phone or computer.

Take Virtual Fitness Classes

You and your friends have a range of virtual fitness classes and workshops to choose from. Your group can sign up for a session at the same time. Such classes usually take place on Zoom. Older friends can utilize AARP’s virtual community center for many wellness and workout classes.

You and your friends have the option to sign up for virtual fitness classes at the same time or at different times throughout the day. You can always set an agreed upon time to check in or send accountability data to each other when you can work out at the same time.


Set Different Fitness Challenges

It will be fun and prevent boredom when your group has various challenges to participate in each week or month. Such fitness challenges may include walking, running, eating, etc.

Each friend may want to compete for who can log the most steps in a day. Or at the very least, aim for the recommended 10,000 steps a day. Fitness apps can help keep track of everyone’s steps.

You may want to compete for who can log the most miles on the treadmill. If you can’t workout at the same time on zoom, everyone can agree to take a snap of their miles logged and upload to a group chat each day.

Your group can also set healthy eating challenges to go with your workout goals. My Fitness Pal is a useful app to keep track of your eating habits daily.


Use Facetime, Zoom, or Skype For Free

Keep things simple with free tools like Facetime, Zoom, and Skype. You can also use a free video chat app like Google Hangouts or FaceTime. These tools make it easy to stay connected with your friends to do live workouts together, as long as you have a phone or computer handy.

You Have Many Options For Virtual Workouts With Friends

In conclusion, working out with friends is more fun than doing so alone. Even if you can’t exercise at the same time, everyone can use technology to keep virtual track of progress and compete with other peers. Whether you and your friends want to simply stream a live home workout or outdoor walk with Facetime, use an app, or take a virtual workout class, you have many options to get in shape together, no matter where you live.