Zoom Instant meetings and scheduled meetings


There are two types of meetings: instant meetings and scheduled meetings.

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Scheduled meeting

Hosts can schedule non-regular and regular meetings. There are multiple ways to schedule a meeting. You can invite participants before the meeting starts by sending the meeting information via the calendar invitation feature or by email. For more information, see How to schedule a meeting.

Note :

The scheduled meeting ID is valid for 30 days from the meeting start date. The ID of the regular meeting is valid for 365 days from the start date. If you do not hold a meeting, the validity period counted from the scheduled date will be applied.


Instant meeting

You can start an instant meeting in the following ways: The meeting starts immediately and you can invite others to this meeting at any time. You can use your personal meeting ID for instant meetings.

Desktop client

On the Home tab of the Zoom client, click the New Meeting icon. If you click the down arrow, “the start of a video,” ” using a personal meeting ID (PMI) you can select the” option.

While chatting with contact or channel, click on the camcorder to start an instant meeting. You can also click the down arrow “▼” to see instant meeting options. Web browser

On the Zoom web portal, you can start a meeting immediately by clicking Hold Meeting at the top right of the screenClick the down arrow “▼” to select the video on / off option.

Note :

 The Instant Meeting ID expires as soon as the meeting ends. Instant meeting IDs scheduled with the API will expire after 24 to 48 hours.