7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Free Zoom Account

Despite its free nature, Zoom offers a number of robust capabilities as part of its feature set that makes it a popular choice among so many people. It is not unusual for individuals or small businesses to choose Zoom One Basic due to its free features, which include Zoom Team Chat and Zoom Whiteboard and a wealth of collaboration and communication tools. This makes Zoom One Basic ideal for people and small businesses alike.

In my opinion, Zoom One Basic is a great deal at the price it is offered at. There will come a point, just as we eventually stop bugging a friend’s Netflix login (well, we do finally stop bugging most of them), when you will want to have even greater control over your business communications, just like you will eventually stop worrying about bugging someone’s Facebook login. That may mean upgrading your Zoom One license to a paid version if this is the case.

With an upgraded Zoom One license, you’ll enjoy advanced features such as auto-generated captions, group messaging, unlimited whiteboard use, and access to our cloud phone solution Zoom Phone, as well as the ability to use Zoom One as an in-house phone system.

There are a number of benefits you can enjoy when you upgrade your Zoom One license to an expanded Here”>one, here are a few of them:

1. Cloud recording

With a Basic license, you are able to record your meetings to a local device, but a Zoom One Pro account will allow you to record your meetings to the cloud, which greatly simplifies the sharing process and lets you free up space on your device. It is possible to access these files in the Zoom portal, so you are not required to upload a large file to a content-sharing platform each time you want to share a recording of a training or all-hands meeting. There is no additional charge for the 5 GB of cloud recording space of Zoom One Pro and Business licenses, while the 10 GB of cloud recording space of Zoom One Enterprise and Business Plus licenses are available at no additional charge.

2. Livestreaming 

Do you know that Zoom Meetings can be live-streamed to Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube? Did you know that Zoom Meetings can be live-streamed? For streaming to be enabled, you simply need to have a Zoom One Pro license. The addition of custom livestreaming services could also enable you to reach a larger audience by giving you a greater chance of reaching a larger audience. Additionally, Zoom Webinars support streaming as well.

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3. Expanded user management & admin controls

With a paid Zoom One license, you will have an easier time managing your communication solution than ever before. End users have more control over how Zoom is used, and system admins have more control over how Zoom is configured. Admins, for example, will be able to manage the account remotely from anywhere in the world. This may include provisioning licenses remotely, removing users from the account, configuring notifications, and activating cloud recording from wherever they are.

4. Reporting made easy

With an upgraded Zoom One license, system administrators will have access to Zoom Analytics as well as daily usage reports that can be accessed from within their account via the Zoom Analytics application, which will be available to them when they upgrade Zoom One licenses. Administrators and account owners are able to look at the number and times of meetings taking place in their organization, as well as the number of participants and the number of minutes taken during meetings.

5. Cloud phone

By upgrading to a Zoom One Business Plus or Enterprise license, you will be able to provide your employees with instant access to Zoom Phone. The enterprise-grade cloud phone solution allows your teams to use their Zoom desktop client to make and receive calls directly from Zoom Team Chat contacts, as well as create automatic call queues, and make screen calls using Zoom Team Chat from any phone device, including mobile phones, laptop computers, and desktop computers. Furthermore, it also allows your teams to make and receive calls directly from Zoom Team Chat contacts.

6. Translation services  

Providing automated translation of the captions to the conversation will allow everyone to be able to participate in the conversation. Currently, translate captions are available only for Zoom One Business Plus and Zoom One Enterprise Plus accounts, providing attendees with the ability to read captions in 11 different languages. Additionally, Zoom’s language interpretation services will enable you to add a live translator into your meetings and webinars in order to ensure that the contents of your meetings and webinars will be translated directly into the language you intend them to be translated into via a separate audio channel in order to keep your meetings and webinars as professional as possible.

7. More Zoom!

As an option, you can upgrade to a Zoom One account that will allow you to use other Zoom services, such as SIP/H.323 Room Connectors, Zoom Rooms, Zoom Events, and Zoom Webinars, as well as purchasing large meeting licenses and audio plans. As part of this package, Zoom’s API, which allows developers to build apps for your Zoom account as part of it, embed Zoom into your solution, build chatbots, etc. are also included, so your developers can build apps for Zoom without having to worry about coding skills.

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It is important to leverage these capabilities to reduce friction in the user experience and drive productivity gains, which will lead to a more effective work force and stronger profits for the organization. You never know, maybe the Zoom App Marketplace will publish your app so that others will have the opportunity to use it as well!

Upgrade today

Using Zoom’s free video conferencing license, you will be able to participate in the game of video conferencing, but you will get more control, enhanced functionality, and employee success if you choose to purchase a Zoom One account. In this way, you will increase your company’s productivity, efficiency, and success.

By upgrading to Zoom One Pro, you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of game-changing features and add-ons that will take your productivity to the next level. We offer a 30% discount on the first year of your subscription when you upgrade today. In other words, you will be saving almost $75 off the regular price!

Disclaimer: New customers who purchase Zoom One Pro Annual Online are only eligible for this offer, which is only available to new customers. Customer’s with pre-existing discounts will not be able to take advantage of this offer. The maximum number of Zoom One Pro Annual Licenses that can be purchased per order is nine. A coupon must be redeemed by midnight on December 31, 2015 to take advantage of the discount. The coupon is valid for one billing period.

Would you like to upgrade to the latest version? Our subscription management tool can be found at zoom.us/billing or you can visit our pricing page for more information if you would like to manage your subscription more closely. Our product specialists can schedule your free Zoom One Pro, Business, Business Plus, or Enterprise demo today so that you can find out more about the benefits of upgrading from Zoom One Basic to Zoom One Pro, Business, Business Plus, or Enterprise type of license by speaking with one of our product specialists today.

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How do I upgrade my Zoom account to 500 participants?

Click the Account Management button in the navigation panel, then click the Billing button. Scroll down to “Interested in other available products?” under the column labeled “Current Plans.” and then click the Add to Cart button that is located next to Large Meeting. Select the amount of licenses you require for your account, as well as whether you would want to pay on a monthly or annual basis. The Large Meeting add-on comes in a few different capacities.

Can I get Zoom Pro for free?

There are two different kinds of accounts available on Zoom: free accounts, which are referred to as Basic, and paid accounts. There are three different premium account editions available: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The free version of Zoom offers many useful features and can meet the needs of an individual user.

How much does it cost to upgrade Zoom to 500 participants?

For 500 guests, the cost per license is $79 per month or $57.50 for a yearly plan. For every 1,000 participants, the cost of a license is $340 per month or $283.33 annually. For events with 3,000 guests, the cost per license is $990 per month or $825 annually. The monthly cost per license for 5,000 guests is $2,490 ($2.075 for a yearly plan).

Is Zoom premium free for students?

Licensed Zoom accounts are now accessible at no additional cost to you for all registered students at any level of education, including undergraduates, graduates, and professional school students.