Changing Waiting Room settings for Zoom Contact Center

The admins have the ability to change the settings of a Waiting Room after it has been created. With Waiting Rooms, video engagements with inbound agents are provided with a media-rich waiting experience while they wait for their agent to respond. By displaying your company’s logo and specifying a description for the consumers to see, you can give them the assurance that a representative will be connected as soon as possible.

As an alternative, estimated wait times can also be displayed in the Waiting Room to consumers as part of the Route To Widget by enabling the options for estimated wait times.

Prerequisites for changing Waiting Room settings

  • Ownership or administrative privileges on an account
  • An account for professionals, businesses, or educators
  • A license for Zoom Contact Center is required

How to access Waiting Room settings

  1. To access Zoom’s web portal, you must first sign in.
  2. Select Contact Center Management from the navigation menu, then select Waiting Room from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the ellipses icon (…) at the end of the last column, and then click one of the options listed below:
    • Edit: The settings of the Waiting Room can be changed.
    • Customize: It is possible to change the customization settings for the Waiting Room.

Waiting Room settings

  • Rename the Waiting Room to help identify it and add a description to help explain what it is all about.
  • Allow waiting room notification: An agent will notify the visitor when they are ready to start the call. You can invite the visitor to the video engagement whenever you’re ready.
    • Audio for Notification: Create your own notification sound. Choose one of the following options when you click Edit:
      • Add Audio: The notification sound can be changed by adding a new audio file. You can upload your audio file by clicking Upload, selecting it, and adding it.¬†Your asset library will also be updated with the file.
      • Assets Library: Click Confirm after selecting an audio file from your asset library.
      • Reset to Default Media: The notification sound will revert to its default state.
    • Notification time limit: You can choose how long the notification will appear. Video engagements expire after a certain period of time has passed.
  • Customize waiting room: If your customers are waiting to meet with an agent, you can customize their waiting room experience by clicking Customize. In this Waiting Room, all flows will be affected.
  • Delete: Waiting Rooms can be deleted and default views applied to waiting rooms can be forced.

Waiting Room customization settings

  • Title: You can display a title to the customer or a meeting topic.
  • Participants in waiting room will see: Customer-facing information can be selected.
    • The default screen: Display only the meeting title or topic.
    • A logo and description: You can display a title, logo, and description.
    • A video: When customers enter the Waiting Room, a video will automatically begin playing. You can upload a video by clicking Upload.
  • Logo: Customers will be able to see your logo when you upload it.
  • Description: To display to customers, enter a description.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I customize my zoom meeting waiting room?

Awaiting Room titles, logos, and descriptions may be customized at the account and group level, as well as at the individual user level according to the type of account and group.

  1. When you have enabled Waiting Room, you will be able to customize it by clicking Customize Waiting Room. It will open the customization options for the Waiting Room once you click on it. …

  2. If you want to display something in the waiting room to the participants, you have the choice to do so:…

  3. Once you have finished editing, click on Save.

How do I change my zoom room settings?

Zoom Room settings can be accessed by going to the Zoom Room settings page

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.

  2. To zoom in on a room, click on the Zoom Rooms button under Room Management.

  3. Using the tabs at the top of the page, you will be able to filter the results by location or rooms.

  4. Whenever you wish to change the location or room of a room, you should click the Edit button next to it.

  5. Each tab can be customized by making the following changes:

Can you turn off waiting room in Zoom during meeting?

The Waiting Room option can be disabled for an ongoing Zoom Meeting by selecting the ‘Participants’ option on the Host Controls bar and selecting the Participants panel, and then disabling it in the Participants panel. Once the meeting window has been opened, click on the ‘More’ button, which will appear below the list of participants, and then when it appears in the meeting window, untick the option that says ‘Put participants in waiting room on entry’.

Can you change Zoom settings before a meeting?

In the Zoom web portal, you have the option of reviewing and adjusting a number of important settings. There are many settings that influence the way a meeting operates. During the meeting, you will be able to adjust all of these settings so that you and your participants will have a smoother experience during the meeting.

Where is Zoom configuration?

Logging into the Zoom desktop client on your computer will allow you to access the Zoom desktop client settings so that you can make changes. You can access your profile settings by clicking the picture of your profile.

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