Creating or editing synced contacts in Zoom App

Using Zoom Phone with your contact integration set up, you are able to automatically create synced contact lists based upon your call history and voicemail if you have a license for Zoom Phone. If you would like to add a phone number to an existing synced, you can do so by editing the synced.

In order to enjoy the convenience of viewing, calling, and sending messages from Zoom desktop client, you must have your contacts synced with your third-party contact service (eg. Google, Outlook, etc.) so that they can be easily accessed, viewed, and accessed from Zoom desktop client.


Prerequisites for creating or editing synced contacts

  • In order to use Zoom Phone, you must have a license
  • It is the responsibility of your admin to enable the policy setting for voicemail
  • Ensure that the Contacts integration is set up with the Write permission enabled for each contact in the system
    Note: In the event that you are not able to select the Write permission, please contact your admin. It may be possible for them to have restricted access to the permissions of the contacts.
  • For Windows, macOS, or Linux, you will need Zoom desktop client version 5.6.6 or higher.

How to create a new synced contact

In order to sync your contacts, you can either use your voicemail or call history to create the contacts.

  1. Open the Zoom desktop client on your computer and sign in.
  2. You can access the Phone tab by clicking on it.
  3. You can access your voicemail by clicking the Voicemail tab.
  4. When you hover over the voicemail entry, you will see an ellipses button . Click that button, then click either New Google Contact or New Outlook Contact .
  5. Enter the following information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Phone number (pre-entered from the call history voicemail entry)
    • Phone number type (Home, Main, Work, Mobile)
      Note: According to the third-party contacts service, there are several types of numbers available for selection.
    • The new contact will be added to the contact folder that you have selected.
      Note: The ability to create contact folders is only available if you integrate your Outlook, Office 365, or Exchange account with your contact management system. You can edit contact folders in Outlook, Office 365, or Exchange accounts by logging in to your account. It is only possible to set up contacts integration with Google if you have already set up contacts integration with Google.
  6. Click Create.
    • There will be a new synced contact listed in the Cloud Contacts section of the Contacts tab, now that it has been synced.
    • Contacts will be organized under Cloud Contacts if you have configured contacts integration with Outlook, Office 365, or Exchange, and you have arranged your contacts into folders. If you have arranged your contacts into folders, you will see them arranged by these folders.

How to edit an existing synced contact by adding a phone number

By adding a phone number to an existing synced file, you will be able to edit an existing synced file.

Note: Using a third-party contacts service, such as Google or Outlook, you can edit other fields for a synced contact that has been synced.

  1. Launch the Zoom desktop client and sign in with your Zoom account.
  2. Select the Phone tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. You will find the Voicemail tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. When you hover over a phone message, click the ellipses button, and then click either Add to Google Contacts or Add to Outlook Contacts, depending on your device.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Find Outlook contact / Find Google contact: Select a contact from your existing list by typing in the name of the contact in the search field and then selecting it from the results.
    • You will have to enter the phone number (prefilled from the voicemail entry in your call history)
    • There are four types of phone numbers (Home, Main, Work, Mobile) that can be used.
      Note: A number of different types of numbers are available depending on the contact service provided by a third party.
  6. You can add a new item by clicking the Add button.
    Synced contacts will be updated with the phone number associated with the related contact.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you sync contacts on Zoom?

The contacts you save into your Zoom account will be synced with all Zoom desktop clients and mobile apps under the Contacts tab > My Contacts section, and will remain in your account forever as long as you keep them up to date. Unless you delete them, the contacts will remain in your account forever. It is also possible to call your contacts via Zoom Phone if you have a Zoom Phone license.

What is Zoom phone contacts matching?

Zoom Phone allows you to invite people to Zoom by connecting to them via Zoom Phone, giving you the ability to view your phone’s contacts, allowing you to invite people to start using Zoom. You can also use Zoom Phone to connect with people, allowing you to invite them to start using Zoom. The feature of matching phone contacts is also known as the matching of phone numbers.

How do I edit Contacts in Zoom?

Contacts that have already been dialed in using the phone can be edited

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in to it.

  2. You can access Phone Dial-in Contacts from the Account Management section of the navigation panel.

  3. If you want to edit a contact, click on it and then click Edit.

  4. Here is the information you need to edit: …

  5. Then click the Save button.

How do I import Contacts into Zoom phone?

Android OS X

  1. You can easily access the vCard by uploading it to a virtual storage platform such as Google Drive, which makes it possible to easily access it from anywhere.

  2. Click on the Settings icon within Android Contacts to open the Settings page.

  3. You can import and export contacts from a vCard file by selecting the Import from vCard File option under the Import/Export tab.

  4. Add your vCard file to Google Drive and choose the location from which to save it.

Why can’t I see my contacts on Zoom?

When an administrator logs into their Zoom account, they will be able to access the Zoom web portal. In the User Management section, click Contacts, and then click the Add User button. Under the All Contacts option, you will find an option that enables you to list all Zoom Rooms in real time. If it is checked then be sure to uncheck it if it is checked. Now, you have to click the Select Zoom Rooms button, and you have to place a check mark next to the Zoom Rooms that you want to include in your group of contacts, which can be found on the Zoom Rooms page.

Does Zoom show your phone number?

You will see the company name, along with your direct phone number for the calling party, whenever you make a call using Zoom Phone as the caller ID name for each party receiving the call as well as the number that you have assigned directly to you for the calling party when you call them.

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