Customizing the Script widget in Zoom App

The Script widget can be added and edited by the admins of the contact center. In order to build flows you do not have to rely on the UI to build them. You can use the Script widget to perform specific actions in the flow instead.

Prerequisites for customizing the Script widget

  • Ownership or administrative privileges on an account
  • You can choose from three types of accounts: Pro, Business, or Education
  • Contact Center license for Zoom Contact Center
  • Create a voice, chat, or SMS flow based on your preferences

How to add and edit the Script widget

  1. Using Zoom’s web portal, you will be able to sign in.
  2. You can find Contact Center Management under the navigation menu, and then Flows under the flow management menu.
  3. The display name of a flow can be edited by clicking on it.
  4. Click and drag Script onto the preferred location within the flow using the left-side widgets panel on the left side of the screen.
  5. Script is one of the widgets that you can select.
  6. The widget can be renamed (optionally) by clicking on the Rename button while it’s still displayed.
  7. You can add a script to the widget by clicking on Add Script, then specifying the options that you want the script to have:
    • Name: In order to make it easier for you to identify the script, enter a display name.
    • Language: Please select the language that you would like to use for scripting.
  8. Add a new entry by clicking the Add button.
  9. The script can be tested by entering the input parameters and clicking the Run button.
  10. Save the script by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  11. Click on the following options in the Settings tab (optional):
    • Pencil icon: The script can be edited in the editor.
    • Cross icon : Delete the script from your computer.
  12. To customize your exit settings, click the Exits tab on the top of the page.
    • Next: Choose the widget that will be used as the destination.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Does the zoom feature have a teleprompter?
  1. That’s right! …
  2. Prerequisites:
  3. At the top left corner of the window, you will find a green “Proceed” button.
  4. Your speech or notes can be copied and pasted into a new document. …
  5. If you choose to use the virtual teleprompter apps, you can position them on top of the Zoom Meeting by pressing on the green “Start” button at the top left corner.
When logged into the Zoom web portal, once you have accessed the Zoom Rooms page, you need to click on Room Management, followed by Zoom Rooms, so that you can access the Zoom Rooms page. Using the Zoom Rooms location hierarchy, you are able to edit the display settings for a group, an organization, or for a specific room in Zoom Rooms. It is time to click on Display once you have selected one of these options and clicked Edit next to it. To configure the default options, click on any of the options that appear on the screen.
If you right-click the Zoom icon in the dock, or you select it using the option key, you will be able to open it. Switching between languages can be done by hovering over it. Zoom can be displayed in a variety of languages, depending on what language you choose. Please confirm that you are ready to change the language if you wish to do so, if you wish to do that.
This widget is included by default in all flows, and can not be removed at any time from a flow once it has been added.
There are three things you can do to reduce the appearance that you are reading while you are presenting to your Zoom audience during your presentation, so that if you have notes or maybe a full script, you need to position it right under your webcam so that you do not appear to be reading during the presentation. This will reduce the appearance that you are reading during the presentation. A physical page of notes can be taped under your webcam, but this is not an analog solution I am talking about. This is a digital solution that I am talking about.
Getting all members of your organization access to the audio transcripts feature is as easy as logging into the Zoom website and enabling it. Select Account Management and then Account Settings from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. In order to make sure that the Cloud recording option is enabled on the Recording tab, navigate to the Cloud recording menu and select the Cloud recording option from there.

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