Customizing call handling settings in Zoom App

Users and administrators of the system have the ability to customize the call handling settings so that they can determine how calls are handled during business hours, closed hours, or holidays. During business hours, you can configure Zoom so that all calls will go straight to your voicemail box during closed hours, however during closed hours, all calls will go straight to your desktop client and Zoom mobile app.


Prerequisites for customizing call handling settings

  • Whether it’s a professional account, a business account, or an education account
  • Licence for Zoom Phone is required

Note: It is possible to restrict some call handling settings through the use of policy settings by administrators.

How to access call handling settings



It is also possible for administrators to modify the default call handling settings for the account or site.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. Click Phone System Management from the navigation menu, then click Users & Rooms from the drop-down menu.
  3. If you would like to adjust the settings for a specific phone user, click on their name.
  4. To edit your user settings, click on the User Settings tab.
  5. Click the Edit button next to the Call Handling section under the Business Hours or Closed Hours section.
    Note: The call handling settings for holiday hours can be edited by clicking Manage next to the Holiday List & Call Handling section, selecting a holiday from the list, and clicking Edit next to the Call Handling section.

Phone user

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. Click the Phone link in the navigation menu at the top of the page.
  3. You will find the Settings tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. Please select Edit next to Call Handling in the section under Business Hours or Closed Hours.
    Note: The call handling settings can be edited by clicking Manage next to Holiday List & Call Handling, selecting the holiday you wish to change, then clicking Edit next to Call Handling at the bottom of the page.

How to customize call handling settings

When it comes to routing calls during business hours, closed hours, and holiday periods, you can customize which routes are used.

Note: Zoom Phone admins are able to restrict access to settings or options by displaying the lock icon on the settings screen. Your administrator might be able to provide you with access to one of these Zoom webinar window smaller, other options will move to [ Details ]. There are also new settings if you don’t see it.

  • Call Handling: You can customize the routing of calls during the specified hours by clicking the Edit button.
  • Note:
    • Zoom Applications toggle: If you do not want your calls to be received on the Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or another device type, turn off the Zoom Applications toggle.
      • It is possible to forward a phone number to an external number or external contact from Zoom Phone; for instance, you can forward a phone number to a personal number that is not part of Zoom Phone. The external phone numbers or contacts that you have can also be edited or deleted.
        Note: Please ensure that the appropriate country/region is chosen in the drop-down menu so that your external number can be added. In the drop-down menu, some countries appear as separate entries despite the fact that they share the same country code.
      • Require to press 1 before connecting the call: When you click the check box above, you will be certain that callers will be required to press 1 before they are connected to the external phone numbers you have added above.
    • Select the Call Handling Ring Mode: Click the arrow to select the desired maximum wait time in the Max Wait Time box if you selected Simultaneously in the above step. As specified in the below setting (When a call is not answered), there will be a maximum wait time before the call is handled.
      • It is recommended that you click the arrow to select the preferred ringing duration for each device if you selected Sequential in the Ringing Duration for Each Device box.
    • When I’m busy on another call: During the time when you are engaged in another call, you have the option to select how your calls are handled.
      • Call waiting: If you are in the middle of another call, you can still receive the call. The first call can be held/declined by you or you can send the waiting call to your voicemail if you do not answer.
      • Forward to voicemail/videomail: Your voicemail or video mail will be notified when an incoming call is received.
      • Play a message, then disconnect: This feature plays a custom message to the caller, and then hangs up the phone. You can customize the audio by clicking on the Audio Library button.
      • Play a busy signal: To let the person on the other end of the line know that you are busy, it plays a busy signal.
      • Forward to another extension: If there is another extension in the account that you would like to route calls to, you can do so.
      • Forward to External Contacts: An external contact can be added to the account if the account has a directory of external users.
    • When a call is not answered: During working hours or when we are closed, you can choose how unanswered calls will be handled.
      • Forward to voicemail/videomail: The call will be routed to your voicemail or videomail depending on your preference.
        • Allow callers to reach an operator: If a caller presses 0 to reach an operator, or 1 to leave a message on the voicemail, they will be able to reach the operator. It is possible to customize audio after you enable this option.
        • Note: As an admin, you will also find this option in the default settings for call handling for your account or site.
          • IVR Menu: In the IVR menu, the customer is shown the keys that they can press in order to reach the operator or leave a voicemail for the operator and shows the IVR menu to the caller. There is no possibility of customizing this IVR menu.
          • Connect to Operator: A person can choose between being an operator to deal with any phone user, call queue, automatic receptionist, or shared line group.
        • Allow caller to check voicemail: Provide callers with the option of checking their voicemails over the phone.
        • Greeting: It is possible to select a greeting from the drop-down menu or to customize the audio file by clicking the Audio Library link. If you would like to learn more about audio greetings, you can check out the article about them.
      • Play a message, then disconnect: The call is then hung up after the caller has heard a custom message that is played back. You can customize the audio by clicking on the Audio Library button.
      • Disconnect: When the specified hours are reached, the voicemail will be disabled during those hours. Without playing the voicemail greeting or sending the call to the voicemail box, the call will be disconnected.
      • Please forward this message to another extension as follows: If the account has more than one extension, then callers can be routed to another extension.
      • Forward to External Contacts: There is also the possibility of routing calls to external contacts if the account has a directory of external users.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change my Zoom call settings?

Accessing and editing meeting settings is one of the most common tasks

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.

  2. Select the Settings option from the menu.

  3. The toggle button can be used to toggle the on/off state of a setting.

  4. It is not only possible to lock the settings at the account level, but it is also possible to lock the settings at the group level in addition to the account level. The setting will include this information next to it.

Can you change Zoom settings before a meeting?

In the Zoom web portal, you have the option of reviewing and adjusting a number of important settings. There are a number of meeting settings that can affect how the meeting works, so if you manage them all before a meeting begins, you can make sure that your participants and you both benefit from a more rewarding meeting experience.

Where are Zoom preferences?

Zoom’s desktop client can be accessed in the following way:

  • You can access Zoom from your desktop by signing in.

  • Then click the Settings button next to your profile picture. Once you have clicked on this button, a settings window will appear, allowing you to access the following options:

How many people can you have on a Zoom phone call at one time?

There is a maximum of three participants that can participate in a Zoom Phone Basic conference. Up to 10 participants can be a part of a Zoom Phone Pro conference call. It is possible that a delegate will join the conference call over the phone in order to participate in the discussion.

How do I change my Zoom audio output?

You can access Zoom’s settings by clicking on the user icon on the left side of the screen, selecting “Settings” from the drop down menu, and clicking on the setting you wish to change. As soon as you are in the settings, click on the “Audio” tab and follow the instructions. If you want to use a different audio output device, you can select it from the dropdown box under the “Speaker” section of the dialog box.

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