Frequently asked questions about SMS In Zoom App


By using the Zoom mobile app or desktop client, Zoom Phone SMS allows users to send and receive text messages (SMS) over their phone network.

Note : 

Our admin and user guides contain detailed instructions on how to set up and use SMS.


How do I enable SMS for a phone user or site?

If you have enabled multiple sites or accounts in your policy settings, you can enable SMS at the level of the account or specific phone user.

Note :

If you wish to create a SMS policy setting for the phone user or site level, you must first enable SMS at the account level. More information can be found in the SMS admin guide.

How do I enable SMS for a call queue or auto receptionist?

It is possible to enable SMS support for a call queue or an automatic receptionist so that users of phone numbers associated with these extensions may send or receive SMS messages.

How do I enable international SMS?

Note :

You will need Zoom to enable International SMS before you can use it. You will need to log into your Zoom account and enable it yourself. Please allow up to 3 business days after contacting Zoom to be able to use this feature.

If you have the option enabled, you can also allow users to send SMS messages to certain countries or regions by enabling international SMS. It is possible to enable or disable multiple sites either through a specific account (blocking multiple sites) or by enabling multiple sites from a specific website.

You can find more information in the SMS admin guide.

Does SMS support end-to-end encryption?

Zoom Phone SMS does not support end-to-end encryption.

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How do I access SMS logs?

You can find more information in the SMS admin guide.

How do I view charges for SMS usage?

The usage reports for your phone allow you to view SMS charges.

How do I opt out of Zoom Phone SMS and use a third-party provider?

If you are currently using an SMS provider, you can request integration.


What are the prerequisites for SMS?

A list of prerequisites can be found in the SMS user guide. Please contact your Zoom Phone administrator if you do not have access to SMS.

How do I send images?

The files you can send are JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs. To learn more about SMS, please refer to our user guide.

Can I send video files?

The time is not right at the moment. However, we are looking into enabling this functionality in the future.

Can I send and receive messages from the web portal?

Zoom desktop clients and mobile apps do not support sending and receiving messages.

Can I send or receive messages to/from SMS short codes? (For example, receiving Multi-Factor Authentication codes.)

Short codes are not supported at this time. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) messages, for example, cannot be received.

How do I determine what phone numbers are associated with an SMS message?

The information button alongside the recipient’s name or number can be clicked or tapped while viewing an SMS conversation.

Which phone numbers can I use to send/receive SMS messages?

It is only possible for you to use your direct phone numbers in the United States or Canada. If your administrator has enabled this, you can also add phone numbers associated with call queues or automatic receptionists (other than the main company line).

It is not possible for you to send SMS messages to or receive SMS messages from the following phone numbers:

  • Contact information for BYOC
  • phone numbers associated with shared lines
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Can I select the preferred direct phone number to send the message if I have multiple direct phone numbers?

You can use the drop-down menu above the text box to change the originating phone number for a new SMS message when composing one.

There is no way to change your phone number for existing SMS conversations. To change your phone number, you will need to compose a new SMS message.

Can I send an SMS message to a group?

There is the possibility of sending a group SMS message to up to ten phone numbers at the same time.

Can I use my international phone number to send SMS messages?

Not at this time. You can only send from US and Canada phone numbers.

Can I use my toll-free numbers for SMS ?

The time is not right at the moment. It is not possible to send or receive SMS messages using toll-free numbers. We will work hard to enable this capability in the future.

Can I send messages to an international number?

Sending and receiving SMS messages can be enabled by administrators for certain countries/regions. The international messaging rate table will apply to messages sent to international telephone numbers.

For more information, contact your Zoom Phone administrator.

Note : 

Zoom Phone users can still send messages to international phone numbers if the administrator has not enabled international SMS.

Can I send messages from auto receptionist and call queue phone numbers?

Yes, if your administrator has enabled it. Read more about what you need to do in order to enable this feature.

How long does it take to activate a new phone number?

After adding a number to your account, your phone number won’t be activated and functional for up to 2 hours from when you add it.

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What should I do if I’m not receiving messages on my direct phone number from select carriers?

For any assistance you need with the phone number that you added to your account more than 2 hours ago, please contact Zoom support.

How many characters are allowed in an SMS message?

You can send up to 500 characters in each message if you are using Zoom’s desktop client or mobile app.

Note : 

It is a standard SMS character limit of 160 characters that allows you to send up to 160 characters per SMS message. A message that runs over 160 characters will automatically be segmented when it is sent through the Zoom desktop client or mobile application. Zoom’s desktop client and mobile app present a single message to you, but your recipient may see a number of messages at the same time.