Hey admins! Simplify your conference room management with these Zoom Rooms features

You’ve got a lot to manage as a systems administrator – from installing new hardware and software to handling any issues that may come up as you manage the system. We want to give you the tools you need to be able to manage Zoom Rooms even if you don’t have any experience with them.

There are several new enhancements and features that we’ve added to Zoom Rooms in order to simplify the process of managing and deploying hardware for Zoom Rooms. Here are some of the highlights.


In order to use these features, users will no longer need to add Zoom Rooms one by one to their conference call or wait until the hardware has been installed before assigning them to a Zoom Room. Here are a few things you can do to simplify the deployment of Zoom Rooms and the hardware they are associated with:

Import Zoom Rooms

When it comes to immigrating hundreds or even thousands of Zoom Rooms at once, it can be a daunting task – and I know this from experience, as I have imported a hundred or even a thousand Zoom Rooms at once. We have made it easy for you to create Zoom Rooms in bulk as a result of the feature we have created.

You can import Zoom Rooms into your Zoom Rooms environment using a .CSV file and create up to 1000 Zoom Rooms at the same time, as well as add calendar integrations, the type of Room (for example, a Kiosk, Personal Zoom Room, or Digital Signage Only), capacity, tags, and a Zoom Room’s location hierarchy within your Zoom Rooms environment. The advantage of this is that you can complete a number of tasks associated with deploying a Zoom Room by taking only one action!

Import Zoom Rooms Devices

When it comes to assigning Zoom Room Appliances to your Zoom Rooms, the ability to import as many as 1,000 devices at once eliminates the need to wait for hardware to be on site to be assigned to the Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms Appliances can be imported into a Zoom Rooms Room in one step, for example by navigating to your Zoom Rooms Dashboard, selecting the Device Management section, and choosing the Import option. This will allow you to import Zoom Rooms Appliances and have them assigned to a Room in one step.

There is a feature that allows us to send you a report that will allow you to identify if there were any errors or failures during your import process as well as any associated error codes, so that you can easily identify the specific problem area. In order to ensure the safety of its users, Zoom has incorporated several security features, such as the fact that it won’t allow anyone to import a device if it’s already associated with another Zoom account – for example, if the device belongs to a Zoom account that’s already registered with it.

Ongoing Management

We understand that the requirements of your Zoom Rooms change over time and our features are continually evolving in order to provide you with the best possible experience. This is why we provide you with a number of features that can help you to manage your Zoom Rooms in an efficient and effective manner.

Updating Your Zoom Rooms

The way in which your Zoom Rooms are updated is dependent on the needs of your organization, so we have created several ways for you to update Zoom Rooms in order to meet your needs and the needs of your organization. These options include pushing a one-time update to a Room or a set of Rooms, scheduling an update, and automating the update process. You can also downgrade your Zoom Rooms app if you are using a Windows or Mac computer as well as if you are using Zoom Rooms on any of the supported versions of Windows and Mac.

One-Time Updates

As a way of providing flexibility to you, Zoom Rooms gives you the option to push updates to any number of devices via the web portal, whether it is a single device or multiple devices. It is also worth noting that Zoom Rooms display enhanced feedback during the process of the status update so that you can better understand what is going on during the upgrade, such as ‘Updating’, ‘Downloading’, or ‘Installing’. In addition to these enhanced feedback features, the device that is being automatically or scheduled is also able to receive this enhanced feedback.

Scheduled Updates

It is sometimes necessary to plan out an update in advance due to the varying system requirements and your busy schedule and that of your teams. Scheduled updates allow you to choose which device to update, and what time to update the device, as well as what date and time to update the device. There are a number of features included in the new software that will enable you to view your scheduled updates, as well as to make edits to them, remove devices, track the progress of each update as it is happening, and be able to see which updates were scheduled and when they were scheduled.

It means that you will be able to schedule an update for your devices and receive confirmation that it has been applied to them. The web portal will display any update errors that occur during the process of updating.

Auto Updates

There’s nothing more convenient than automatically updating a set of Zoom Rooms based on a schedule you set up with us. In this feature, you not only have the option to choose on which days you’d like to check for and apply updates to your Zoom Rooms automatically, but you can also select on which days you’d like to have these updates applied. As an alternative to checking for updates on a daily basis, you have the option of choosing specific days and times on which you would like to be notified of updates, and if they are available, whether they should be applied or not. As a result, you have more control and flexibility over your Zoom Rooms, as you can make these settings at the level of your account, your group, or even at the level of the Room.

Organizing Your Zoom Rooms

In addition to having different sizes and features, meeting spaces also have different hardware, software, lighting, seating arrangements, and other characteristics that make each one unique. To make it easier for you and your team to manage and describe your Zoom Rooms, we want to provide you with more ways to organize, manage, and describe them so you and your team can make the necessary updates and changes as quickly and easily as possible.

Service Logs

If you are setting up or making changes to specific Zoom rooms or locations, you may wish to add notes, so that other administrators can have a better understanding of what you are doing and what they need to do when working with Zoom Rooms. In your account, you are able to add notes to rooms and locations by using the Service Logs feature.

As a result of using the Service Logs, it is easy to add detailed information about a room’s sizes, how it should be used, changes that need to be made to a room, or special considerations. As well as the ability to attach up to four images to a note, there is also the option to add a brief description as well as some context to the note when it is viewed in the service logs. This will allow remote admins to make changes, identify what other admins have done in the past, as well as see how their rooms look and interact with each other from a distance.

Zoom Rooms Tagging System

Zoom Rooms can now be tagged in a way that makes it easy to organize them and share them with others as well. This makes the process of managing Zoom Rooms easier for everyone involved. Using tags to tag your room is a very simple way of organizing your room, and it is a great way to make sure you do not lose anything when you move. You can apply up to 500 tags to your room using the software and manage them separately.

There is the option to select multiple rooms at the same time, as well as add as many tags as you wish to each room. You can also select a location level under which you would like these tags to be applied to the Rooms under that location. In the Zoom web portal, you can also use tags to filter out your rooms when you use the Room Management function to view the room details. You can then organize your Rooms according to your needs by using this feature!

Discover What’s Possible with Zoom Rooms

Take a look at Zoom Rooms management features now to find out how these exciting features can aid you in improving and enhancing your experience in your conference room, by simply logging into your Zoom account. If you wish to learn more about Zoom Rooms’ breakthrough features, you should check out our Zoom Rooms page. You can learn about what Zoom Rooms does for you in a very simplified and intuitive way, allowing you to manage your conference rooms in a more efficient and interesting way.




What is Zoom room management?

The owner of a Zoom Rooms account has the option of delegating management of the Zoom Rooms account to all admins, individual admins, or both. The administrator who has the capacity to administer Zoom Rooms can use their Zoom login to select the particular Zoom Rooms (using the room picker) during the installation process or to log in to the computer that is used in the Zoom Room if it gets logged out.


What is Zoom room for conference room?

Zoom Rooms is a software-based room system that integrates audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing into a single user experience. Zoom Rooms may accommodate guests physically present in the room as well as remote attendees who join the meeting from another location using either their desktop computer or a mobile device.

How to do a Zoom in a conference room?

Use Zoom with a video conferencing room
  1. To turn the system back on, tap anywhere on the touch panel.
  2. To zoom in or out, tap the icon.
  3. From this option, you will be able to begin a meeting as well as join an existing one.
  4. To input your meeting ID, tap the input button that is located next to Meeting ID.
  5. Tap the Host button and enter your host key if you are the one hosting the event.
  6. Tap the Connect button to zoom in.
  7. Tap the End button to bring an end to your meeting.


What is Zoom main features?

Zoom gives users the ability to establish and join virtual meeting rooms in which they may connect with one another using audio and video. Additional capabilities may provide users with the capacity to text chat with other attendees of the meeting, share their screens, and transfer files both publicly and privately inside the context of the meeting group.

What is Zoom and its features?

Gatherings of people online. Zoom Meetings allow users to virtually connect from any location. Team Discussion. Utilize Zoom Chat to facilitate cooperative efforts. VoIP Phone System.