How to Import users via CSV file in Zoom App

Know – how to Import users via CSV file in zoom

You can use Zoom to upload a CSV file and add users to the user management list. Be sure to refer to the parameters displayed when importing users into user management.  


  • CSV format: Email, First Name, Last Name, Department, User Group. 
    Departments and user groups are optional fields used to track reports.
  • Users are listed on the Pending tab before being activated or approved.
  • The maximum number of records must be less than 9999.


Note: You need to create one CSV file for each function you want to apply. 
For example, you need a CSV file for all Pro users you want to add, a CSV file for Pro users with a Webinar license, a CSV file for basic users, etc.


Requirements for importing CSV files

  • Zoom Account: Credit Card Certified Free User, Professional, Education or Business
  • The account owner or administrator


How to generate a CSV file in Excel

  • 1. Open a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
  • 2. Enter the user’s information in CSV format (email, first_name, last_name, department, user group).

Note: Use separate columns for individual credentials (ie columns: email, column B, name, etc).

  • 1. Click File> Export or Save As.
  • 2. Click Change File Type.
  • 3. Select CSV (Comma delimited).
  • 4. Click Save As to save to a local document.


Note: You can find a sample .csv file sheet in the correct format by downloading the attached .csv file.


How to add a CSV file with Zoom

  • Specify Basic, Pro, or Corp as the license type. Select the function you want to apply. This pertains to all users included in the CSV file.
  • Click Upload CSV file and find the .csv file.


  • Click the .csv file and then select Open .
  • Users are displayed on the User Management Pending tab. They will receive an account activation email to join your Zoom account and they will appear in the user list when they accept the invitation.

test.import.csv (59 Bytes)