How to Import users via CSV file in Zoom App





Know – how to Import users via CSV file in zoom

You can use Zoom to upload a CSV file and add users to the user management list. Be sure to refer to the parameters displayed when importing users into user management.


  • CSV format: Email, First Name, Last Name, Department, User Group.
    Departments and user groups are optional fields used to track reports.
  • Users are listed on the Pending tab before being activated or approved.
  • The maximum number of records must be less than 9999.


Note: You need to create one CSV file for each function you want to apply.
For example, you need a CSV file for all Pro users you want to add, a CSV file for Pro users with a Webinar license, a CSV file for basic users, etc.


Requirements for importing CSV files



  • The account owner or administrator


How to generate a CSV file in Excel

  • 1. Open a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
  • 2. Enter the user’s information in CSV format (email, first_name, last_name, department, user group).

Note: Use separate columns for individual credentials (ie columns: email, column B, name, etc).

  • 1. Click File> Export or Save As.
  • 2. Click Change File Type.
  • 3. Select CSV (Comma delimited).
  • 4. Click Save As to save to a local document.


Note: You can find a sample .csv file sheet in the correct format by downloading the attached .csv file.


How to add a CSV file with Zoom

  • Specify Basic, Pro, or Corp as the license type. Select the function you want to apply. This pertains to all users included in the CSV file.
  • Click Upload CSV file and find the .csv file.


test.import.csv (59 Bytes)


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