How to manage zoom webinar participants (panelists, viewers)

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

Webinars can be attended by both panelists and attendees, and you can manage both as hosts.


  • Join in a complete way like a meeting.
  • Panelists can view and send videos, screen sharing, annotations, etc.
  • The webinar can be attended by 100 panelists (including the host).


  • I participate in the form of reading only.
  • When the host allows you to speak, you can unmute and talk.
  • Attendees are provided with a Q & A and chat panel, where they can interact with the host.
  • You can raise your hand and get permission to speak from the waiting room , the screen will change to the following screen. Please wait until the host.

Host control is done by clicking Manage Participant .

The participants here are the panelists and the viewers. This includes promoting the viewer to co-host or panelist, demoting the panelist to the viewer, unmuting it, and stopping the video.

Requirements for Webinar Participants

  • Webinar License
  • Hosting authority for this webinar

I want to turn on / off the participant’s microphone

  1. Click Participant to access the Participant window.
  2. The Participant window opens on the right side of the screen. Hosts, co-hosts, and panelists appear on the first tab, and the second tab shows the audience (attendants).

Manage panelists

To manage a panelist, position the cursor on the panelist’s name.

  • [Unmute] : You can unmute the panelist. Panelists need to allow unmuting prompts that appear on their screen.
  • Chat : Opens a chat window where you can send messages directly to this panelist.
  • Make Host : Transfers the host control to the panelist.
  • [ Co-host to] : If there is a co-host options, you can be the co-host of the panelists at the webinar. This gives the panelist additional privileges. .
  • Change Role to Audience : Click this to change the panelist’s role to attendee.
  • [Rename] : Changes the panelist’s name.
  • Put on Hold : Temporarily remove the panelist from the webinar, making it impossible to hear your voice and not seeing the shared screen or video.
    The panelist’s screen switches to the following message: “The meeting host will soon be able to join the meeting. Please wait a moment.”
  • [Delete] : Removes the panelist from the webinar.

Manage attendees

To manage attendees, click the attendees’ Details tab and hover over the attendee’s name.

  • Allow talk : This allows the attendee to unmute and be able to speak on the webinar. All attendees can hear the remarks.
  • Chat : Opens a chat window where you can send messages directly to.
  • Promote to Panelist : This allows the attendee to be a panelist, turn on the audio, turn on the video if you have permission, and share your screen.
  • [Delete] : Removes the panelist from the webinar. You will not be able to join again using the same email address.

Additional controls are provided at the bottom of the Participant window.

  • Mute All:  All panelists and all attendees who are allowed to speak are muted.
  • Unmute All: Unmute all panelists and all attendees who are allowed to speak. Attendees who are not allowed to speak will remain muted.
  • Mute Participant Entry: Mute the panelist when entering a new panelist. However, panelists can unmute themselves. Attendees are automatically set to mute.
  • Play Charms: A chime sounds each time a new panelist or attendee joins.
  • Lock Webinar: New panelists or attendees can not join the webinar unless unlocked.
  • Allow panelist to start video : Allows panelists to start video. Uncheck this option to stop the video feed for the panelist playing the video.
  • Raised: Allows viewers to raise their hand on the webinar. This feature is usually used when you want to know if you want to ask a question.
  • Show attendee numbers to attendees: Allows attendees to view the number of panelists and viewers in the webinar. The number of panelists includes the host. This is displayed at the top of the screen following the meeting ID.
  • Set Participant Video Layout: Set the layout of the video  that attendees will view in the webinar. By default, the active speaker view is displayed.
    • Follow Host View Mode:  Participants see the view used by the host (active speaker view or gallery view).
    • [Active Speaker View]: The active speaker (host, panelist) is displayed.
    • Gallery View: Shows the host and all panelists (if video is on).