Make the most of your workday with our favorite Zoom features

With Zoom’s diverse feature set, people from all over the world can collaborate better with each other across their work environments. Which Zoom features have you found to be the most useful? In other words, the people who are vital to your daily routine, those who make your workday just a little easier, and those who enable you to create meaningful connections with others.

In order to enhance our day-to-day, we use a wide range of Zoom features that help us to streamline and simplify our work:

Zoom One essentials

A simple way to communicate and collaborate, Zoom One combines team-based chat, phone calls, whiteboards, meetings, and more into one service. Using these core solutions, you will be able to access a variety of Zoomie-favorite features that include:

  1. Noise cancellation – noise cancellation will help you to filter out the distracting background noise that can interfere with your teammates’ ability to hear you clearly in any work environment, enabling them to hear what you are saying without being distracted by the dog barking or the children playing in your co-worker’s office.

  2. Touch up your appearance – Our company loves Touch Up My Appearance because we have all felt the need to get in a meeting after a workout or before we have had our morning coffee – that’s why we love the company! In real time, it enhances the appearance of your digital display and gives your images a softer focus.

  3. Swapping between mobile and desktop – Take your work with you wherever you go by transferring a Zoom Meeting to your mobile device so that you can attend a meeting on the go while taking a walk with the dog, waiting in line for lunch, or picking up the kids from school.

  4. Presence on Zoom Team Chat – Presence indicator allows you to know if someone is available to answer your message, if they are busy, or even if they are in a meeting, so you no longer have to wonder whether or not they will answer your message. This notification will alert you whenever they become free from their busy schedule. You can use this feature if you find that they are not available.

  5. Add a personal note – It is sometimes best not to say a word in order to communicate effectively! Under your contact information, you can provide helpful information about yourself by writing a personal note that appears under your contact information, letting your coworkers know if you’ll be out of the office or attending an event on-site.

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More Zoom goodies to simplify your workday

So, we’re going to have to admit that we couldn’t just choose five features – the Zoom platform has too many features that make working with each other easier and more enjoyable!

Zoom Team Chat

  • Remind Me to Respond – Working in the average workplace can be extremely stressful. Reminders can make it easier for you to keep track of your tasks by letting you set reminders to respond to messages you have received.

Zoom Phone

  • Voicemail Transcription – Have your voicemails transcribed into text so you can quickly scan them – as well as making them more accessible for employees who are hard of hearing due to their hearing impairment.

Zoom Meetings

  • Hide Self-View – In order to avoid meeting fatigue, you can hide self-view which removes the video feed from your device from the display, so you can take a break from staring at your digital self to avoid meeting fatigue.

Zoom Whiteboard

  • Share to Zoom Team Chat – When you are in a chat, channel, or group, you can instantly share your whiteboard there.

Get an all-in-one package with Zoom One

Is your team looking for a simpler way to communicate with one another? We invite you to explore Zoom One’s all-in-one license type and learn how it provides you with a user-friendly and modern experience. Check out our Zoom One page to learn more.


What features do you use on Zoom?

Zoom One
  • Virtual Meetings. Connect virtually from anywhere with Zoom Meetings.
  • Team Chat. Collaborate together with Zoom Chat.
  • VoIP Phone System. Call the world with Zoom Phone.
  • Online Whiteboard. Create and brainstorm with Zoom Whiteboard.
  • Conversational Intelligence.
  • Email and Calendar.
  • Virtual Working Spaces.
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What are collaboration features in Zoom?

Zoom One Collaboration Tools
  • Virtual Meetings.
  • Team Chat.
  • Digital Whiteboard.
  • Phone System.
  • Email and Calendar.


Where is the Zoom feature?  

Set up Zoom

Zoom may be activated by going to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom, then turning it on.

What is the new feature in Zoom meeting?

Zoom has introduced four brand new features to its platform, all of which are geared toward generating interactive experiences within hybrid workspaces. The industry leader in collaboration has included new features such as avatars, meeting templates, threaded communications, and the capability to host a question and answer session during meetings.


How many main core features does Zoom have?

The following is a list of Zoom’s primary features: One-on-one meetings: Even with the free plan, you can host an infinite number of one-on-one sessions. If you purchase the Enterprise package, you will be able to host group video conferences with up to one thousand participants. However, the free plan enables you to organize video conferences that may last for up to 40 minutes and can include as many as 100 participants.