Managing site codes In Zoom App

You can decide to assign a different site code to each of your sites after adding multiple sites to your account. As a result, your users are able to dial other users within the same site more easily.

After adding a site code, the following changes will be made to the extensions of phone users:

  • Each extension, which belongs to a particular site, will be prefixed with the site code.
  • It is planned to shorten existing extensions (known as the short extension) so they do not go over the maximum six-digit limit. This would allow users to reach users within the same site by dialing the short extension.
  • A long extension is actually a combination of a short extension and a site code. Users in other sites may be able to dial this extension when calling from outside.
  • The site code can range from 1 to 3 digits. The default setting for extension length is 6 digits, so a short extension can be between 2 and 5 digits. In case you need a longer extension, you have to contact Zoom directly.

Prerequisites for managing site codes

  • There are three types of accounts: Pro, Business, and Education
  • The account owner or administrator has the following privileges:
  • License for Zoom Phone

Site code requirements

A site code can range from one to three digits. Since the default extension can only have a maximum of six digits, a short extension can have a maximum of two to five digits. If you need a longer extension, please contact Zoom.

How to enable and assign site codes

  1. Log in to your Zoom account through the web portal.
  2. Select Phone System Management from the navigation menu, then select Company Info from the drop-down menu.
  3. Then click Configure Account.
  4. Click on the Site Codes toggle to enable the site codes in the Multiple Sites section.
  5. You need to specify the Short Extension Length and Site Code for each site you wish to add. Then, click Next.
  6. There are 1 to 3 digits in the site code. The default value of an extension is six digits long, but a short extension can be two to five digits long. For longer extensions, you should get in touch with Zoom.
  7. When you click Next, the site code will be added and the new extension will be assigned to the user.
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How to disable site codes

You can disable the site codes if you decide not to use them.


You can disable the site codes if you want to restore the regular extension numbers to their original default numbers prior to the site codes being enabled. If you combine the site code and the short extension number, you will still be able to call extensions, but you won’t be able to call others on the same site.

  1. Log in to Zoom’s web portal.
  2. Select Phone System Management under the menu at the top, and then click Company Info under the company listing.
  3. You will then be able to set up your account.
  4. Make sure that Site Code is disabled.
  5. Then click the Disable button.