Change site-level settings In Zoom App

You can edit the settings for a single site after you add multiple sites to your account. You can access a wide array of settings, which include those which allow you to modify settings such as display name, greeting, or emergency contact information for the site.


It is quite simple to assign a role to a phone user to allow them to have access to and manage a site’s settings.

Prerequisites for changing Zoom Phone site-level settings

  • There are three types of accounts: Pro, Business, and Education
  • You can have access to all three types of accounts
  • Through your Zoom license

How to access site-level settings

  1. By logging in, you can access Zoom.
  2. Select Phone System Management from the navigation menu, then select Company Info from the drop-down list.
  3. Next, click the site name that you would like to modify.
    There are three tabs on the site where you can make changes:

Profile tab

  • Click Edit next to the name of your site to change the display name of your site.
  • Site Code (only visible if you enable site codes):
  • Click here to enter your site code.
  • Short Extension (only visible if you enabled site codes):
  • Allows you to specify how many characters to use in the short extension number. It will provide you with a prompt if any of the site’s existing extensions are not long enough or short enough to fulfill this requirement.
    • Range (Optional):
    • You can specify a number range for short extensions. You will be offered the option of editing existing extensions that are outside of this range or leaving them out of the range, if they are not currently within this range.
  • Country:
  • By clicking the link to the left, you can find out which country is used by default for emergency addresses on the website. According to the country where you reside, there are specific extensions that you are not allowed to use.
  • Auto Receptionist:
  • The website has a main automated receptionist that is visible to the user. Click on the name of the auto receptionist so that you can edit its display name.
  • Caller ID Name:
  • You can customize the name that appears on outgoing calls by clicking Change.
  • SIP Zone:
  • With Zoom Phone you are able to configure your own server location. Zoom automatically picks up the closest location to the detected emergency location based on the Address of the location when Zoom detects an emergency in a location.
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Policy tab

Modify the policy settings of the site.

Settings tab

Emergency Calling

Calling and routing emergency services should be set up.

Emergency Address & Location

Provide emergency services for the site by managing emergency addresses and setting up a nomadic emergency response system.


The default hours of business/closing/holidays can be changed. This is the same process that you would use to edit the settings for an individual account.

Call Park

It is possible to change the settings of the call park.


The encryption of devices should be upgraded.

Outbound Caller ID

  • Additional Outbound Caller ID for User:
  • Limit the number of outgoing caller ID numbers users can access.
  • Show Outbound Caller ID for Internal Calls:
  • Whenever an internal call comes in through a call queue or auto receptionist, the direct number is displayed. The user’s outbound caller identification will be displayed when the user reaches out to an internal extension using an auto receptionist number or a call queue number as the caller identification, as long as the user has selected outbound caller identification. In the event that this setting is disabled, only the extension number is shown in the call notifications.

Audio Prompt

You should change the default settings of your audio device.

Desk Phone

Make sure that the firmware update rules are set up or changed.


The dial by name feature allows users to search the phone numbers of your account‘s users based on their names by entering a name.


Create templates so that settings can be applied in bulk to users of the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change Zoom app settings?

What you need to know about accessing and editing meeting settings

  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by logging in to it.

  2. Go to the Settings tab.

  3. The settings can be toggled on and off by clicking a button.

  4. There is also the possibility of locking settings at the level of the account or the level of the group. A note will be attached to the setting to indicate this.

Where is advanced settings on Zoom?

Start Zoom’s desktop client and sign in to it. You will be taken to the Settings page when you click on the icon next to your profile picture. In the Advanced section, click the button.

How do I change my security settings on Zoom?

Please make sure that you start the Zoom meeting as soon as possible if you are the host or co-host of the meeting. You will see a green encryption icon located in the upper left corner of the video window. Click on that icon to start encrypting the video. Click on the Overview of the Security Settings link. Once the meeting has opened, you will be able to see a list of all of the security settings related to the meeting, along with how they are currently configured if they are enabled, as soon as the meeting has opened.

How do I reset my Zoom settings to default?

Using the phone’s interface, you can reset the phone back to its factory settings (optional).

  1. When you unlock your phone, you will be able to select Settings by pressing the Home button.

  2. Click on Advanced then select Administration Settings from the menu. …

  3. In order to reset your device to factory settings, navigate to the Reset to Defaults tab.

  4. For the factory reset to be completed, press Yes on the keyboard.

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Where is security and privacy on Zoom?

If you are holding a Zoom meeting, make sure to use the security features that Zoom offers

If you would like to participate in your Zoom meeting, click here to become a member. You can enable or disable waiting rooms, lock the meeting, remove participants, or any other feature you wish by clicking on the Security icon on the meeting control.

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