Requiring a passcode for phone participants in Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 29th, 2022

It is up to account owners and admins to decide whether they want to require participants joining meetings by calling a code as part of the sign in process. In the invitation email, under the dial-in numbers and meeting ID, is the passcode that is listed below the code. The numeric version of the meeting will be generated in the case of meetings with alphanumeric passcodes. Only those participants who have been invited to the meeting have access to this security option which ensures confidentiality. The type of passcode required for a meeting will be automatically provided to participants joining by telephone if this setting is selected.

This setting opens up the possibility of users joining by phone without having to enter a passcode. This setting is disabled by default.

For enabling participants joining by phone to be required to enter a passcode, the following prerequisites need to be met:

  • An account owner or administrator has the following privileges:

You can enable the feature Require a passcode for telephone participation by following the steps below


For the purpose of allowing or disabling the Require a passcode to be entered by users joining by phone, you need to follow these steps:

  1. To access the Zoom web portal, you will need to sign in.
  2. Click on Account Management and then click on Account Settings from the menu on the left.
  3. Select Meetings from the drop-down menu.
  4. To enable or disable the demand for a passcode to join by phone, click the Toggle Passcode Required for Participants button under Security.
  5. You may be prompted with a verification dialog box in which you must click Enable or Disable in order to confirm the change.
  6. The following options are available to you if you want this setting to be required for all users in your account. To make this setting mandatory, you can click the Lock icon, and then click Lock after you confirm this.


For a group of users, you may turn on or off requiring a passcode from those joining by phone by following the instructions:

  1. Ensure that you are logged in as an administrator with group editing privileges on Zoom’s web portal.
  2. Click on User Management, from there you can access the Group Management page.
  3. From the list of groups, click the name of the group you wish to manage.
  4. From the list of options, click the Meetings option.
  5. In the Security section, you can toggle whether it is required that participants join by phone with a passcode before they can join.
  6. In the event an appropriate verification dialog appears, select Enable or Disable to see if the change has been applied.
  7.  There is a possibility that the option has been locked at the account level and therefore must be changed there. This can be seen by the grayed-out appearance.
  8. Click the lock icon if this setting is optional, and then click Lock to confirm the setting if you want this setting to be mandatory for all members of the group.


This setting for yourself may be enabled or disabled by enabling or disabling the option to require a passcode to join via phone:

  1. The Zoom web portal can be accessed by signing in.
  2. Click on the Settings link in the navigation menu.
  3. Select Meetings from the list of available options.
  4. The toggle next to Require passcode for participants joining by phone can be toggled. That way you can set whether you want to require a passcode or not.
  5. Click Disable or Enable as indicated in the verification dialog to confirm that the change has been made.
  6.  When the option is grayed out, it has either been locked at the group or account level, depending on which you are looking at. You should speak with your Zoom administrator regarding this matter.