Send code snippet in Zoom App

What is the code snippet feature

You can copy and paste code over chat and save the format of the code.

To use this feature,

  1. Account owner or administrator must enable
  2. You need to download the package separately.

This page explains the following items.

  • Enable account code snippets
  • Enable chat code snippets
  • Download code snippet package
  • Send code snippet
  • Display code snippet
  • Copy code snippet



  • Zoom desktop client for Mac version 4.123108.0402 or later, Zoom desktop client for Windows version 4.1.23108.0402 or later
  • Account owner or admin rights to activate settings


How to send code snippets

Enable account code snippets

  1. Log in to the Zoom web portalIM management ]  to go to.
  2. Click the IM Settings tab.
  3. Switch the code snippet on (blue).
  4. This will be enabled on your account.

Enable Chat Code Snippet Option

  •  Click Settings on the Zoom client  .
  • Click the Instant Messaging  tab.
    If you are using the Beta version, this is the Chat tab.
  •  Check the Show Code Snippet Button option.

  • Close the settings.
  • To chat  [code]  will be displayed buttons.

Download code snippet package

It is transmitted for the first time code snippet when that code snippet package installation messages will be displayed. Unless you uninstall Zoom, you need to install it on your computer once .

  • Click the Code  button.
  • Click Download .

The Code Nipet Package is installed, and after installation, the Code Snippet window is automatically displayed.

Send code snippet

  • After enabling the code snippets option, click the Code button.
  • The code window is displayed.
  • Snippet Name: Enter a name for the code snippet.
  • Text: Select whether this code snippet is text or another type of code.
  • Wrap: Check this check box to wrap.
  • Paste or type in the code.
  • Click Create Snippet  to submit.

Display code snippet

  1. Click [ Display 5 more lines] .
  2. The entire code snippet is displayed in a new window.
  3. Copy code snippet
  4. Place the cursor on the code snippet in the chat window.
  5. Click […] .
  6. Click Copy  .
  7. The code is duplicated and can be pasted elsewhere.

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