Switching between or merging a call and meeting In Zoom App

You can do the following when you are participating in a Zoom meeting and a Zoom telephone call at the same time:

  • While in a Zoom meeting, you can start a Zoom Phone call, and then switch back to the Zoom meeting.
  • During a Zoom Phone call, you can start a Zoom meeting, then switch to the Zoom Phone call again.
  • Zoom Phone calls can be merged into Zoom meetings.
Note : 

Zoom Phone calls can also be elevated to Zoom meetings.


  • You’ll need Zoom 5.2.1 or higher on Windows, macOS, or Linux to access this service
  • Service For mobile devices, you’ll need Zoom 5.2.1 or higher on Android or iOS.
  • License for Zoom Phone required.

How to start a Zoom phone call while in a Zoom meeting

Note : 

Please ensure that you disable Hide incoming calls while in Zoom meetings in your desktop client settings in order to receive call notifications while in a meeting.

  1. Open the Zoom client or app’s home screen while in a Zoom meeting.
    • Desktop client:
    • Open Zoom’s main window.
    • Mobile app (Android):
    • Go back to the previous page by tapping the back button.
    • Mobile app (iOS):
    • From the More menu, tap Minimize Meeting.
  2. From the Zoom Phone menu, select Call & Receive. In the notification that you receive when you receive a Zoom Phone call, you will see an option to Hold Meeting Audio & Accept. Please click/tap Accept if you haven’t already done so.
    A message will appear from Zoom to confirm the change.
  3. Click or tap Continue to proceed.
    The meeting audio will switch over to the phone call audio. The audio from the meeting will be disconnected.
  4. The meeting video will continue to play for the participants in Zoom.
  5. Should you wish to switch back to the meeting as soon as possible, please refer to the next section.
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Switch audio from a Zoom phone call to a Zoom meeting

  1. You can navigate to the meeting controls when you are in a Zoom Phone call.
    • Desktop client: Select Home on the toolbar and click the Back tab to return to the meeting.
    • Mobile app: Simply tap the floating notification icon next to In meeting to access this function.
  2. On the meeting controls, click/tap Join Audio to access this feature.
    You will then be able to standby the Zoom Phone call.

How to start a Zoom meeting while in a Zoom Phone call

  1. Zoom Phone can be accessed from the Zoom client or app’s home screen while still in the call.
    • Desktop client: Choose Home on the left.
    • Mobile app (Android): It’s very simple to go back to the previous screen by tapping the back icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • Mobile app (iOS):Click More, then click Minimize Meeting.
  2. Select a Zoom meeting and join or start the meeting.
    You will be asked to confirm switching when Zoom displays a message.
  3. Click or tap on the Continue button.
    After switching the meeting to the phone call, the audio will appear in the phone call. The phone call will be put on hold after the meeting switches to the phone call.
  4. You can switch back to the Zoom meeting in the next section if you wish to do so.

Transform your Zoom meeting into a Zoom Phone call by switching audio from one to the other

  1. You can access the in-call controls in the Zoom meeting while you are in it.
    • Desktop: Click the Phone tab at the top of the main Zoom window.
    • Mobile: Tap the notification icon that represents On Hold.
  2. Using the controls provided within the call, you can click/tap Unhold.
    Immediately, the audio of the meeting will switch over to the phone call. This will cause you to disconnect from the audio of the meeting.
    Note: Zoom will continue to show the video that you have shared within the meeting to all participants.
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How to merge a Zoom phone call into a Zoom meeting

  1. To start a Zoom meeting or Zoom phone call, simply click on one of the sections above.
  2. The audio should be turned on for the Zoom Phone call. If there is no audio, switch from the audio of the meeting to the audio of the Zoom Phone.
  3. From the in-call controls, click or tap Meet.
  4. From the in-call controls, click or tap Merge.
    A Zoom meeting will be created for the call participant. You will be able to admit the call participant into the waiting room if you have a waiting room enabled for the meeting.
    Note :
    You will be prompted to end the current meeting if you select New when setting up a Zoom meeting.