Starting a meeting from a SIP/H.323 endpoint in Zoom

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

By using your host key or pairing from the web, you are able to start an H.323 or SIP meeting from a device with an H.323 or SIP protocol. There are certain host functions that can be used when a Zoom client or Zoom Room starts a meeting using the SIP/H.323 host key, unlike Zoom Rooms or other Zoom clients:

  • Locking and unlocking a meeting
  • Recordings can be started and stopped from the cloud
  • It is possible to show participants within a waiting room and allow them to all enter it
  • When a participant enters the room, mute them
  • It is time to end the meeting

Note: The participants will still see them as a “Guest” to others in the meeting even if they join using the host key or via pairing. Therefore, participants joining a Zoom meeting using other Zoom clients may receive an alert stating that the host has not yet joined the meeting, even if they have joined via that device as the host.

Prerequisites for starting a meeting from a SIP/H.323 endpoint

  • Your account has been enabled with Cloud Room Connector
  • It is necessary for the host to be a licensed user

How to include the Host Key in the Dial String

If you include the host key in the dial string of the meeting, you will be able to join as the host.

Note: A meeting password has been modified in order to adapt to a room system with a keypad that allows only numeric characters to be entered on its keypad. When a meeting invite is created, the passwords are converted into a number string rather than a character string. Only room systems require passwords in order to operate, so this change does not affect other types of devices.


Meetings that do not have a password:

[IP Address]##[Meeting ID]###[Host Key] Example:

Password-protected meetings are the following: 

      [IP Address]##[Meeting ID]#[Password]#[Layout]#[Host Key] Example:


 Meetings that do not have a password:

[Meeting ID]…[Host Key]@[IP Address] Example: 123456789…123456@

     Password-protected meetings are the following:

[Meeting ID].[Password]..[Host Key]@[IP Address] Example: 123456789.12345..123456@

How to enter the Host Key on the Splash Screen

  1. In order to participate in the meeting, dial the Zoom IP address included in the invitation or the one you can find on the page for the Cloud Room Connector.
  2. It is important to enter both the Meeting ID and the # following the Meeting ID.
  3. Your Host Key should be entered first, followed by a #.
  4. As the host of the meeting, you will now be able to begin the meeting.

How to join via Pairing

  1. The meeting invitation contains an IP address that you need to dial from the H.323 or SIP device in order to reach the splash screen (this address is in your cloud room connector page).
  2. On the web, you can log in to My Meetings by clicking here.
  3. On the top right of the page, you will find an icon that you can click on.
  4. If your room system is H.323/SIP, click Join from the room system.
  5. If you have a meeting ID and pairing code, please enter them here.
  6. Connect your account by clicking the Connect button.

How to access the host options

Within the SIP/H.323 in-meeting menu, there is an option to select a host from a list of options. The host key, if it has not been entered pre-join, will be prompted to be entered on the first access to the menu, if the host key has not been entered previously.

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