Feedback from attendees at the end of the zoom meeting

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

When the meeting is over, attendees will be asked to tap the Zoom Room Controller’s [ Good ] or [ Bad ]. This information is collected and provided to account administrators for analysis and improvement.

You can also enable this setting for the Zoom Desktop client. See non-verbal feedback for details.

I will explain the contents of this article.

  • Enabling feedback from closed meeting attendees for the Zoom room
  • Instructions for Zoom Room Participants


  • Zoom account with dashboard Dashboard enabled

Enable feedback from closed meeting attendees for the Zoom room

Set at account level

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal and click Account Settings .

  1. Meeting [of] tab ZoomRooms in the section Viewing the meeting at the end of the experience feedback survey] to move to the option, make sure that the setting is enabled.If the setting is disabled, click the status toggle to enable it. When the confirmation dialog is displayed , select [ On ] to confirm the change.

Give feedback as a Zoom room participant 

To evaluate the experience as a participant:

End Zoom Room Meeting with iPad Controller


To evaluate it as a good experience:

Tap Thumbs Up (Thumb Up) .

To evaluate it as a bad experience:

Tap to thumb down (thumb down) .

If you chose Thumbs Down, use the dialog to identify the cause of the problem:

  1. ” Thank you for your feedback! Can you share some additional information? If you want to cooperate with the question of” is, ” Yes, I would like to further share and then tap”. If you do not want to cooperate , tap ” No, I’m over “.
  1. If you want to share additional information, check the corresponding check box.
  1. (Optional) Enter your email address.
  2.  [ Submit tap].


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