Video breakout zoom room management

This post was most recently updated on July 22nd, 2022

With breakout room

  • Zoom meetings can be divided into up to 50 separate sessions.
  • The meeting host can choose to automatically / manually divide the meeting participants into separate sessions that they create.
  • You can switch sessions at any time.

Breakout room capacity, functions, etc.

  • Up to 50 breakout rooms can be created
  • Up to 200 participants in one break room (requires a large meeting 200 add-on)
  • In the breakout room you can use audio, video and screen sharing features

To join the break room, see Joining the break out room .

Requirements for using breakout room

How to Enable Breakout Room

A user with administrator privileges hasaccess to account settings .
Activate the breakout room.

Requirements for using breakout room

  1. Start a meeting
  2. Select [ Breakout Room ].

Select the number of rooms you want to create and how to assign participants to these rooms.

  • Auto ]: Zoom automatically assigns participants to each room equally.
  • Manual ]: manually assigned the participants to the room.
  1. Click Create Breakout Room .

Assign participants to rooms 

  1. Select Assign next to the room to which you want to assign participants, and select the checkbox for the participant you want to assign to that room.Repeat this procedure for each room.
  1. Once the participants have been assigned (manually or automatically), the number of participants is displayed in the place of the Assign button.

Prepare a breakout room

Assigning participants to a room automatically displays the assigned room.

If you want to assign participants manually or if you want to make changes, do so before starting the room.

Participants not assigned to a breakout session will remain at the main meeting when the room starts.

  • Destination ] (participants): Select the destination room of the participants.
  • Exchange ] (participants): Select the participants in the other room, and replaced with selected participants.
  • Remove the session ]: Deletes the selected room.
  • Recreate ]: Re-create the same breakout room. The current room is replaced with the newly created room.
  • Add a room ]: Add the other breakout room.
  • Open all rooms ]: Start a room. After confirming participation in the breakout room, all participants move to their respective room. The host stays at the main meeting until you manually join one of the rooms.When participants move to the breakout room (and the host if they manually join the room), the message “Host invites you to the breakout room” is displayed.
    To participate in the breakout room When you click, you can participate in a breakout session.

Managing a breakout room-ongoing

If the participant has not yet joined the session, “(not joined) ” will be displayed next to their name .

  • Participation ] (room): host, will participate in the break room you have selected.
  • Exit ] (room): The host is to exit from the room, to return to the main meeting (appears only when you are in the breakout room).
  • Close all of the room ]: Host and stop all of the room after the countdown of 60 seconds, which was shown to the participants, it returns all of the participants in the main meeting.

Ask for help

  1. If you are a breakout room participant, you can request the host to join the meeting by clicking Ask for Help on the menu bar .
  1. Click Invite Host.
  1. The host is prompted to join the room from which the request was sent. Click Join Breakout Room to join the room.

Deliver the message to all breakout rooms

Hosts can deliver messages to all breakout rooms and share information with all participants.

  1. Breakout room from to start the breakout room.
  2. Click Send Message to All .
  1. Enter a message and click Broadcast .
  2. The message you entered is displayed to all participants in the breakout room.