Can I join a meeting from Zoom Rooms that is not linked to the calendar?


If you do not have calendar integration with Zoom Rooms, the controller will not display the next meeting. In such cases, you can join the meeting by entering your meeting ID and passcode. This article describes how to start and join a meeting in Zoom Rooms, which is not linked to a calendar.

Necessary elements

  • Meeting ID
  • Meeting passcode

table of contents

  • Instant meeting
  • Invite participants to start an instant meeting
  • Enter your meeting ID and passcode to join

Instant meeting

An instant meeting is a meeting that starts on the spot without booking the meeting.

  1. Tap Start in the left menu of the controller .
  2. Tap Start on the right .

Invite participants to start an instant meeting

  1. Tap Start on the controller .
  2. Select Zoom Rooms or the person you want to call in the search window.
  3. Tap Start .
  4. When the other party taps [Allow] , the instant meeting starts.


Enter the meeting ID to join the meeting

  1. Tap Join in the left menu of the Zoom Rooms controller .
  2. Enter the 9- to 11-digit meeting ID in ① and tap Join ] in ② .
  3. Enter your passcode and tap Join .
  4. I was able to attend the meeting.


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