Zoom Room alerts

Zoom Room alerts

There’s a tab called Alert Settings on the Zoom Room screen that lets you set the alerts that you want to see there as well as the settings that generate an email that is sent to a specific email address of a specified contact or group that can respond to an alert.

In case you are using Zoom Room as a viewing tool rather than a presenting tool, you should disable the options on the Client Alert Settings tab. By doing this, you will be able to prevent the mic, speakers, and camera alerts from displaying on the screen. This can result in the room becoming disabled if any of the peripheral devices are disconnected if these options are enabled.

Prerequisites for using Zoom Room alerts

  • Subscribers to the Business or Enterprise plans
  • have the option to enable this feature by contacting the account owner
  • in versions 3.5.24524.0821 and above of Zoom Rooms

How to Enable Zoom Room Alerts

  1. Register for an account on the Zoom website.
  2. Click on the Zoom Rooms tab, then on the Room Management tab.
  3. In order to make this setting available for a specific location or room, it is possible to use the location hierarchy. You can enable this feature for the entire account by clicking Account Settings.
  4. From the Account Settings page, click the Alerts tab.
  5. From here, you can update your setting to enable or disable any alerts by clicking the toggle.

How to configure the alert settings

How to use the client alert settings

The Client Alert Settings section allows you to customize the alerts that appear on the Zoom Room’s TV screen when they are received by the client. When you have never enabled a peripheral device or have intentionally disconnected a peripheral device, you should disable these settings.

  • Errors detected by the speaker should be reported
  • via an alert whenever the camera detects a problem
  • via an alert whenever the microphone detects a problem
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In the case that you will only be using the meeting or webinar room for attending meetings and you will not require anyone to speak or be able to see you, you can turn off the alerts for microphone and camera errors. This means that the room cannot be used until all peripheral devices are connected to the network after these alerts have been enabled.

How to use the notification settings

There is a notification settings section in the room that allows you to define the conditions under which the room will notify the support team of a potentially urgent issue. However, these issues do not appear on the TV screen, but they can cause problems with the operation of the room. Email alerts are sent to the email address that is specified in the Notification Email Recipients field in the notification email section. There is a no-reply email address used for no-reply emails.

  • There is an issue with the audio device’s quality
    • and it is recommended that Daily Audio Testing be enabled
  • due to a low battery in the controller or scheduling display
    • Version and higher of the Zoom Rooms Controller are required
    • required
    • required, in order for the controller to receive notifications when it is at 20% and not being charged
  • when that is the case, as well as the scheduling display
    • indicating that the network has been disconnected (Wifi)
    • Zoom Room has been disconnected
    • ¬†and a real time notification has been sent
  • because the CPU usage has reached a high level
    • of 90% and a real time notification has been sent because of the high CPU usage
  • that has been detected by the low bandwidth network
    • If the packet loss rate in the network exceeds 40%, the delay in the network exceeds 2 seconds, or the bandwidth is less than 128 kbps, an alert is sent in real time
  • when Zoom Room is not available.
    • The server sends an email notification to our cloud server as soon as the room stops sending heart beats.
    • When power is lost, the server sends a message as soon as the room stops sending heart beats.
    • When the room loses its connection with the network, the server sends a notification.
  • If you select a microphone, speaker, or camera, the server sends a notification.
    • When there is a meeting going on, a notification will be sent to the participants in real-time
    • Within thirty minutes of the conclusion of the meeting, a notification is sent to those who were not at the meeting
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How to notify email recipients

During the process of adding email recipients, you will find the section entitled Notification Email Recipients – Add New to add the email address of the individual you would like to receive notifications from.