Zoom Meeting settings in CarPlay

The Zoom app allows you to set up a car meeting with Apple’s CarPlay, but it has limitations. You can call Zoom contacts, receive Zoom meeting invitations, and mute during a call.

This page explains the following items.


    • CarPlay compatible car
    • iPhone



for iOS-version 4.1.123139.040 2 or later


How to call Zoom contacts

    1. Tap the CarPlay Zoom icon.



contact to call.


If you have multiple contacts with the same name, give the name and tap the contact you want to call in the CarPlay interface.


that contact.


  1. If there is a response , Zoom will display talk time and CarPlay meeting settings if integrated communication is enabled in [Zoom app settings] under [Meeting] .

Incoming call from Zoom

  1. Call options will be displayed in the CarPlay interface if you receive a call from a contact via Zoom while the phone is connected to CarPlay.
  2.  After accepting the call, the call time and meeting settings will be displayed on the CarPlay inter interface.


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