How to Start a Zoom meeting with “Siri”





The Zoom iOS app lets you use Siri to perform specific operations. Setting Siri ‘s shortcut in the Zoom app will allow you to ” join the next scheduled meeting “, “view today’s meeting ” and ” start a personal meeting “. In addition, Siri without setting a shortcut, Zoom using the contact of the Zoom You can also start the meeting.

This article explains the following contents.

  • Siri to Zoom how to add a shortcut
  • Siri in the Zoom to perform an action


  • Enable Siri in Settings

How to add Zoom shortcut to Siri

  1. iOS on the device Zoom Open the app, [ Settings ] and then tap.
  2. Tap the Siri shortcut.
  3. Select the shortcut you want to add, [ Siri added to the ] and then tap.
  4. Tap the red Record button to record the voice of the shortcut.
  5. Finish ] to save the sound that was recorded by tapping.

Execute the Zoom action in Siri

Start a Zoom Meeting with People at Zoom Contacts

” Say a call to ‘Zoom contact name’ using Hey Siri, Zoom, ” Siri says .

How to do other actions?

When setting up other shortcuts, please ask the appropriate question after ” Hey Siri “.

You can also instruct Siri by pressing the Home button on iPhone 8 and earlier or the Power button on iPhone 10 .

Note : You do not need to set up a shortcut to call Siri and Zoom contacts.

Example call to Siri

Start a voice call

” Calling (Contact’s Name) Using Zoom ”

” Calling (the name of a contact) using Zoom ”

Start a video call

” Video call with (contact name) using Zoom ”

” Video call with (contact name) using Zoom ”

Search call history

” Find phone history of (contact name) using Zoom ”


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